I would say that some people have a predisposition to being evil.  Their particular seed for such predisposition is either by nature, nurture, or both.

I’ll give two examples of killers, who just so happened, to go to school with my parents. 

The odds that someone’s parents, both of them, who lived in different cities, and different states, but both went to school with notorious killers, is probably 2 in 1,000,000… maybe 2 in 10,000,000!  The lunatics my parents went to school with were known to always have been strange, weird acting, anti-social, and violent, even many years before going on their rampages of terror.

The first was a crazy guy by the name of Robert Hanson.  He grew up in a small Iowa town, later moved to Alaska where he killed up to 30 women, between 1971 to 1983—some victims have never been found.  My Dad went to school with this guy.  Psycho extraordinaire!  His mother owned a bakery, and she was considered normal and pleasant.  Hanson’s nickname was “The Butcher Baker“.   Here’s a link about him: 

The second, and more well-known, was a small, crazy, red-headed, violent, social train-wreck by the name of Charles Starkweather.  He went on a spree murder rampage with his lunatic girlfriend, Caril Fugate, in Dec 1957 to Jan 1958.  He killed 11 people in two states.  Several movies were made about his story, and my Mom went to school with this crazeoid!  He was extremely violent as a young person, and in fights all the time.  His sister was a friend of my Moms, and she was very normal and sweet.  Siblings from the same house but at totally opposite ends of the morality scale.  Caril tried to convince prosecutors that she was an unwilling participant, and ended up at the Lincoln insane asylum.  However, my Grandmother was a nurse at the asylum and always believed that Caril’s true mentality was beyond normal, and that she was just as guilty as Charlie. Here’s a link about him:

Either nature or nurture, or both:  Some people can break out of a violent home environment, or straighten out a messed up mind, but others, I think, feed off of it, and enjoy causing fear, and mayhem.   

That’s what I think, at least.

Nawfal Johnson Nur ~


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