Hurry up and WAIT!

I’m in a continuous holding pattern.

My biography of a local business mogul has seen constant pauses—many because the client is away on business; he is unable to find time to supply me with the historical photos and captions, which should go at the ends of each of my sections in the book; and, several other issues which have me in a bind. 

I have finished my completed-incomplete manuscript and sent it in to the client.  I had to come to an “end” (if it is) to this conundrum.  I suggested that when the historical images are digitized and captioned, that “perhaps” the company graphic designer can carefully insert the images in the text in the proper decade-section.  I can pray that it ends up well if that is the course of action.  What I do know is that without all the necessary data / photos, I cannot complete my project as I would wish and hope for.  I had a solution for this, but it is difficult to suggest things when the “boss” wants to be involved in every step even though he does not have the time to supply everything the author needs.  After all, he is busy running a multi-million dollar group of companies.  I can accept the “not-enough-time-for-everything” problem—it is understandable.  However, the client could have instructed an alternative at the company to assist me with the biography when he is unavailable.  Or, I would make myself available during anytime outside of work hours, weekends…anytime just to get the needed photos and captions.


Feeling considerably frustrated.

I have worked on this book since May, and now to see such a significant roadblock about missing photos and captions, is to say the least, disheartening.

To make the publishing and delivery deadline the book must be done now: there is precious little time.

So, here I am in a holding pattern, hurrying up and waiting.

I am not blaming anyone but myself, even though it may sound like I am passing the buck on this one.  I shot myself in the foot as soon as I didn’t “demand” more control on how this project runs.  However, one must be diplomatic when dealing with clients.  I can only blame myself…I think.

Nawfal Johnson Nur ~


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