The Sun in the Haze but like it is at Night


“The Sun in the Haze But like it is at Night.”
3 Oct 2015.
Around 5pm.

I wanted the contrast so I made the sky dark, it is not really that dark at 5pm.  However, the pollution in the air is so bad today that you can look at the sun without any problems of pain.  The haze is horrible, thanks to the slash & burn farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia.  This happens every year and every year the gubberment says, “We will put an end to this!”  Yeah, right!  And the clouds are made of cotton candy.  The only good thing about haze is that a photographer can take nice photos of the sun.  Better wear a face mask if going outside!

Nawfal Johnson Nur ~



    1. Yeah, it is horrible. You breath in what smells like 3-month old soot from a filthy wood burning smoke stack. Got to wear a gas mask to totally filter it out, but the best I have are hospital masks.


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