Day: November 5, 2015

Photographing like a Pro Then and Now

A thought just came to mind.  Isn’t it amazing how in the past, Pro Photographers, like Alfred Stieglitz, André Kertész, and Alexander Gardner, produced amazing, story-telling, shocking, and technically proficient imagery right out of the camera!  Any “magic” performed by these Photographers was done in the darkroom, but that was a far-cry from what can be done by computer software today.

Today, the usual standard is to photograph something, upload the images into the computer, fix all kinds of defects, of which many could have been solved in-camera if the photographer spent the time to deal with “The Devil in the Details”, and after photoshopping everything, pull the images into Lightroom, perhaps, and do some more tweaking, and then, voila!  Pro results!

Can we really claim that we have progressed in Photography aptitude? 

I think nowadays, Photographers should consider getting it right in-camera (as much as possible), and be less dependent on software to fix problems after the fact. 

Photographing like a Pro does not mean “softwaring” the shit out of everything afterwards.  The CRAFT and ART of Photography is about being proficient using a camera and understanding light and shadow.  It is not about being a proficient photo editing software specialist.

Anyway…it’s just a thought to consider.