Raindrops Stopped in Midair #2, in Colour


Title: Raindrops Stopped in Midair #2, in Colour.
Creation Date: 30 November 2015.
Collection:  Drips & Drops Photography.
Collection Years: 2007 to Present.

Photo Note:  Colour image silhouette of palm tree with stop-action effect of heavy rain downpour in Penang, Malaysia.  The shutter speed was around 1/1250th of a second.  When it rains, and rains heavy, I go outside with my camera.  Where else can I get natural water droplets to create these photographs…it must be outside. No setups, no special lights, no special camera or lens.  It is just me and my CANON POWERSHOT A620.  And…an absorbent towel.

Location: Penang, Malaysia.

Copyright 2015 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

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#rain, #drips, #dropsphotography, #Penang, #Malaysia, #SurfaceTension, #AbstractExpressionism, #Nawfal, #Johnson, #Nur, #goldenripples, #macrowaves, #stopaction, #SilhouetteofPalmTreeintheRain,


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