HOSPITAL ABSTRACTIONS #15 on 8 January 2016


Title: HOSPITAL ABSTRACTIONS #15 on 8 January 2016
Creation Date: 8 January 16.
Series Date:  21 Dec 15 to 8 Jan 2016.
Copyright 2016 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

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19 days later, and recovering from two surgeries, I believe I finally get to leave the hospital today.  Therefore, I had to decide how to deal with my HOSPITAL ABSTRACTIONS SERIES.  I could include ALL of the Photographs I captured during this episode, which includes 116 total images.  Otherwise, I could just include those which I am able to add to my Imagekind gallery before being discharged from the hospital.  I have decided to choose the latter: those images I am able to include to my Imagekind gallery while still at the hospital are those that will be part of the HOSPITAL ABSTRACTIONS SERIES.  The remaining of the photos will probably go into my PENANG WALL DECAY Series.

2016, abstract, abstractions, artist, blue, chaos, color-field, colour-field, crazy, decay, expressionism, johnson, Malaysia, Nawfal, nebraska, nur, pattern, penang, photography, Quantum-decay, red, rough, textured, wall, white, wild, chaos, order, chaotic, messy, neat, natural-order, double-plus-good, purple, green, lines, geometry,


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