Title:  001-LOOKING IN THE MIRROR #1, Edit C, ON 27 JAN 16.
Creation Date:  27 Jan 16.
Copyright 2016 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Series Period: 27 January to 1 February.
Print Sales Site Link at Imagekind:

☆ I just discovered how to be really productive—TURN OFF THE INTERNET FOR A FEW DAYS!

“Sacrilege!”  You scream.
“BLASPHEMER!”  You stare accusing with venomous eyes.

Well if you don’t think it is possible to be much more productive without the Internet, you can disregard my advice, or, you can give it a try.

With the Internet on, I was lucky to create two art photographs in a day, three pieces on a good day. 

There are too many distraction on the Internet:  I can’t go without watching all of my alternative news channels on YouTube, and that would rob much of my time.  I always want to hear and learn how the Illuminati and their corrupt political minions are unfolding their plans to totally screw the masses. 

Checking and responding to email takes some time. 

Uploading new images to Imagekind and publishing to my Photography Blogs, usually daily, demands big chunks of time.  Of course, these tasks are very important to me and the Internet is necessary to get these tasks completed.

☆ I’m not suggesting TOTALLY giving up the Internet…that WOULD be blasphemous!

What I am saying is that turning off the Internet for a few days could get rid of some distractions so you can more easily focus on creating new artistic works—it has been beneficial for me.

For example, from 27 January to 1 February, I designed 67 new art photographs and two new Geometric Abstract art drawings.  I know this would not be possible for me with the Internet available to me as a massive distraction.

On titling the photographs, there was a system implemented.  The photos are all numbered, like 001, 002, etc.  This is the order in which the works were created.  If I felt inclined to specifically name a particular art piece, and then I did so…call it creative license.  Otherwise, the image was simply called, “TURN OFF THE INTERNET”, and then perchance the individual image has an Edit to it.  That was the photo-naming system.

These new artworks comprise a new art series that I call the “TURN OFF THE INTERNET” SERIES – HOW TO BE MEGA-PRODUCTIVE!  It includes images that were actually captured and intended for other art series, such as my PHOTOGRAPHS CAPTURED WHILE WANDERING AROUND, ABSTRACT LIGHT STREAKS, LOOKING IN THE MIRROR, and WALL DECAY ABSTRACTS.  NEVERTHELESS, I believe that the REAL reason for the creation of these particular photographs is to show what I could produce while I had my Internet turned off.  Only the images designed during this period are included in this series, and this series has a time limit…I can’t go forever without the Internet. 

Without the Internet, I wouldn’t be able to publish my series to my blog, , and I wouldn’t be able to place the artworks in my Imagekind sales gallery, .  I wouldn’t be able to show you my new work!

At the top is the first image created in this “no internet experiment”…

PS.  I pushed the ON button on the modem today, 1 February; thus, the distractions shall ensue once again, that is, unless I take more control…let’s hope for that.



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