Art and the Darkness


Title: “6-Seconds of Nawfal”.
What? Self Portrait.
Date & Time: 11 March 2016, at nighttime.
Why?  This is exactly how I have been feeling for some time—stuck in some f’ing dark-murky limbo.  This is exactly me right now, in the moment.  Darkness surrounded by fiery red.  This image, for me, has 10,000 words of feeling and emotion that I can’t explain…so I won’t.  It’s not even that I went out with the overwhelming desire to take my self portrait (i.e. I seriously hate the word, “selfie”). This was one shot, and it was undoubtedly me, at this time.

Today’s repeat song is appropriate, and one of my favorite Slipknot songs, “Before I Forget.”

So…what else?  Nothing for now…



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