Day: May 8, 2016

Genealogy—My KRAFFT (or KRAFTT) Family Connection

Genealogy—My KRAFFT (or KRAFTT) Family Connection.

I occasionally record my genealogy research here on my Blog:  I have done that with my LAMBERTSON, SHADE, and BRERETON family lines.

I have been weeding out junk, clutter, and papers, attempting to simplify my possessions, and getting rid of things that I don’t need or want anymore.  I came across a piece of paper with some of my genealogy research.  The paper contained some notes on my family connection to the KRAFFT (or KRAFTT) Family:  Name spelling changed sometimes, over time, due to mistakes or by intention.

So that I can get rid of this single piece of paper, I need to digitize it here first…LoL.

To reach my KRAFFT Grandparent, I need to trace back to the early 1700’s, with my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Maria Elizabetha KRAFFT.  I will begin with my more recent ancestors and go back in time.

Bertha Grace LAMBERTSON: B. 1898-03-08.  D. 1981-06-23, Pocahontas, IA.

William Monroe LAMBERTSON:  B. 1864-03-14, Dearborn, Peoria Co., IL.  D. 1948-03-31, Pocahontas, IA.
Ada Grace GOODMAN:  B. 1870-06-14, Rutland, VT.  D. 1950-06-01, Pocahontas, IA.
NOTE:  My Great Grandmother, Ada Grace, may have been of a Jewish family, although there is little or no written evidence found so far in my research to prove that Ada Grace was Jewish…it is still possible considering her surname.   The name GOODMAN, is an ancient Jew surname, but it is also of Old English and Old Norse origins.

GOODMAN Background:
●  it is a Jewish Ashkenazic surname, but also has Old English and Old Norse origins, which were probably not Jewish, but rather, Christian.
●  GOODMAN comes from the given name, GUTMAN, meaning ‘God and man’.
●  “Meaning English: status name from Middle English gode ‘good’ + man ‘man’, in part from use as a term for the master of a household. In Scotland the term denoted a landowner who held his land not directly from the crown but from a feudal vassal of the king.English: from the Middle English personal name Godeman, Old English Godmann, composed of the elements god ‘good’ or god ‘god’ + mann ‘man’.  English: from the Old English personal name Guðmund, composed of the elements guð ‘battle’ + mund ‘protection’ , or the Old Norse cognate Guðmundr.  Americanized form of Jewish Gutman or German Gutmann.”  (Source: )

As far as my family research goes, and that by other family members, there is NO record of a wedding certificate for William Monroe and Ada Grace, and that is very unusual.    That means that their wedding certificate is missing, or misplace, or never existed in the public records.  There is that possibility that they were never married, but lived together as a married couple—That may have been radical for the mid-1800s.

Well,…moving forward.

Samuel LAMBERTSON:  B. 1828-02-22, Dearborn Co. IN.  D. 1921-01-01, Council Bluffs, IA.
Mary M. SHADE:  B. 1821-02, Portage Co., OH.  D.  1909, Wright Co., IA.

Adam SHADE:  B. 1799-09-27, Berks Co., PA.  D. 1872-09-22, Elmore, Peoria Co., IL
Mary BRENNER:  B. (c.) 1805 in Virginia.  D.  1855-07-19, Peoria Co., IL., or Clark Co., IA [there is a conflict in records on death location].

Christian SHADE:  B. 1767-04-19, Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co., PA.  D. 1837-01-09, Seneca Co., OH.
Catherine Elizabeth RIEGEL:  B. 1768-09-20, Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co., PA.  D. 1817-11-26, Columbiana Co. OH.

Andreas SHADE [also listed on the ship manifest as SCHAADT and SHAAD]:  B. (c.) 1725 in Germany.  D. 1786-09-03, Berks Co., PA.
* Andreas SHADE was an American Revolutionary War veteran.  DAR ANCESTOR #:A102519.

Andreas was married to,
Maria Elizabetha KRAFFT:  B. 1737-04-17, Berks Co., PA.  D. (c.) 1769, Berks Co., PA.

In the Revolutionary War, List of Berks County Revolutionary War Soldiers, there is a Capt. Christian Baldi, commanded by  Colonel Michael Lindenmuth of the 3rd Batallion, April 23, 1780.  In the Batallion Company Roster Pay Records, 1778-1780, there is listed an Andreas KRAFFT (KRAFT), 3RD Class.  Andreas could be Maria E. KRAFFT’s younger brother who was born on 1741-02-01, and D. 1799.  THUS, my GREAT^5th Uncle.

That is my KRAFFT Family connection.  I need to do more work, but that is as accurately as I can be based on the information discovered.  Of course, there could be mistakes in the sources of my information, and that is a possibility faced in all historical research.

NOW, I can get rid of that piece of paper, and recycle.