ALIEN LANDSCAPES Collection E-Folio Book by Nawfal Johnson Nur


Introduction to the ALIEN LANDSCAPES Collection E-Folio Book:

The ALIEN LANDSCAPES collection has been a long time in the making.  The very first art photographs of this series were imagined and designed in 2001!  Because of the complexity and time necessary to build and photograph one of my ALIEN LANDSCAPES images, only a few images were created in any one year.  Some years, I did not make any of these images.  Nevertheless, this series is not yet completed—it is an ongoing process.

My inspiration for this series comes from my love for epic science fiction books.  The great fictional, outer space and alien stories by Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, and Edgar Rice Burrows are my main sources of inspiration.   Just as these master authors created imaginary galactic worlds, creatures, and societies of alien beings, I have attempted in my alien world photographs to do the same.  These landscapes are how I imagine alien planets could look.  I imagine standing on these aliens worlds and looking out at the vast expanses of lands and seas. 

The link to purchase my new book is at

You can purchase the fine art prints from this series at my sales gallery site, at Imagekind:



  1. Very interesting project indeed. Since All is a hoax, we could well create our own reality. Well done. Unfortunately, the previews shows only 5 images. I like the one with the leafy lake.

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