OneDrive is the Black Hole of Cloud Storage!

This is not directly a photo post.  But, it deals with photographs—my archived collection of photographs.

When I started having hard drive crashes, and when that led to lost images, I started uploading my image files to cloud storage solutions.  One of those so-called solutions is Microsoft’s OneCloud.  Hey it sounded great!  15+ GB of storage…Wow!

But not so “Wow!”

Of the various cloud storage services I use, OneDrive is the WORST!  It is, I call, the BLACK HOLE of cloud solutions (problems)!

I had been uploading my image files, WHICH ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME, to redundant cloud storage offerings BELIEVING THAT I COULD EASILY RETRIEVE MY FILES ANYTIME!

LMAOBT!!!  What a joke!

OneCloud will upload great, and that 15+ GB space is awesome, BUT, try retrieving your files, and it is the worst fuctatiously-frustrating experience ever!  Those important image files that exist only out in the cloud are no longer retrievable!  Once the files have slipped over the OneCloud event horizon they are sucked somewhere deep inside the OneCloud black hole, and you know nothing escapes a black hole.

Well that is not totally true…I have a little luck downloading my image files that are less than 10 MB, but when attempting anything larger, my downloads fail!  This does not happen sometimes, it happens all the time!

I watch the Internet speed and it fluctuates, and often drops to 0kbps, and I believe Microsoft puts some ridiculous ‘time-out’ limit so that downloads fail very often.  

So, if you don’t have ultra-fast Internet, what are you to do?

I do not have this problem with…




Gmail’s GDrive

THEREFORE, I assume it is not necessarily a problem with my Internet, it is probably a problem with the design of the OneCloud.

No matter what, I’m NOT HAPPY about this!  I put image files in the Cloud because I don’t have the physical storage space to hold the files.  AND, there is all the hype about cloud storage being so awesome.  Well, it isn’t awesome if the cloud storage is the BLACK HOLE of cloud storage like OneCloud.

I just hope I have duplicate files on my MORE RELIABLE cloud storage services of the hundreds of image files I trusted to put on OneCloud….Dirty-Bastards!


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