BLOSSOM, Studio Still Life with one flash unit

Copyright  2016 Nawfal Johnson 

All Rights Reserved 

Penang, Malaysia 

When?:  A few days ago.

Where?:  Tabletop studio’ish product still life.

How?:  I wanted to see what kind of product shot I could make using one, very simple, off-camera flash unit, and a few reflectors.

Why?:  I really like the way the padlock looked…sleek and curved, and provides a big challenge.  Small shiny subjects are very difficult to photograph: They reflect everything.  Getting the subject to show its dimensions and form is also tough, and needs correct lighting.  Getting the subject to stand up properly, instead of falling down like a drunken sailor, is a pain in the ass, but a good test of patience.  

Over all, I was happy with the results.  Would it have been nice to use two or three Elinchrom strobes with softboxes, or a couple huge light-banks and a strip-light?  Sure, but then it would possibly be too painless.  If you want to grow your skills, try lighting a product with a simple, small-powered strobe, some duct tape, and white paper.  


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