Creatives’ Situational Awareness of “Opportunities” TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE USUALLY ARE!

Creatives’ Situational Awareness of “Opportunities” TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, USUALLY ARE!

Big text…not sure how this happened, but fine.

I’m going to try to make this short but useful.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but being that many creatives (artists, photographers, writers, etc.) feel a sort of desperation to be discovered, we don’t always do the smart thing…have you been down that dreadful road?  It usually leads to Hell!  🙂

So…let’s do a Who? What? When? Where? How? And, Why? breakdown.


A person or organization you’ve never heard of contacts you out of the blue, now usually by email.


They claim they are art reps., photography reps., book publishers or agents and…they are JUST ACHING TO HELP YOU OUT FOR FREE!?!  (BUT TERMS AND CONDITIONS USUALLY APPLY THAT WILL COST YOU A BUNDLE! [in money and perhaps your reputation and sanity]).


The email comes out of nowhere, and they want to help you now!


The email sender usually has it all planned that they want to promote your work at some “amazing…stupendous” book fair, art show, photo review or exhibition.  They saw your work and out of the goodness of their saintly hearts, they just want to help you…or some such nonsense!


How they promote you is where the “free” deal usually will cost you a bundle, and you may neither see any returns, nor results.  But of course, the person has a “bulletproof” plan for you.  Nothing is really bulletproof, not with armour-piercing incendiary bullshit, which is the ammo they are sending down-range.


Why do these vampires hunt creatives?  Because they know that many will fall for the scam.  That doesn’t mean creatives are stupid.  It just means that these vampires are pure evil…hell-spawn!  

We all love it when we are told that our work is loved…don’t we.  Yes, we do.

The vampires use that ego-thing against us to compell smart people (and even more so, those gullible people) to make poor decisions about our work.

Red Flags to Look Out For:

Did the email sender use your name, and if they did, was it spelled correctly?  Or, did they bypass your name for some generic greeting:  “Hi”, “Hello”, “Hey”, etc.  If they don’t have the decency to use your name, screw’em, they already show you no respect!

Did the vampire actually read your book?  Did they see your artwork?  Study your photographs?  Probably not…why are they so interested if they have not really looked at your work?  BECAUSE vampires look for easy victims.  Time to sharpen some wood!  🙂  

☆ The best way to sniff out a scam is to do an easy Internet search…enter these search phrases:

“Is company XYZ (the company or rep’s name) legitimate?”

“Is XYZ a scam?”

Instantly, if the company or rep/vampire is notorious, you will get several pages of complaints.  And then, STAY FAR AWAY!

I hope this post is helpful.  I don’t like it when creatives get ripped-off.  We work very hard.  It’s not easy doing the freelance route.  We don’t need scam-vampires to worry about on top of everything else…right!


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