Glasyalabolas, Fire Portraits by Nawfal Johnson 

Title:  “Glasyalabolas.”
Creation Date:  14 January 2017.
“Fire Portraits” Series.

Year:  2016-2017.

Influence:  “To Reign in Hell” novel by Steven Brust.

Art Photographs:  Photography of fire shaped into Portrait-like imagery, of the characters, angels, in “To Reign in Hell”, written by Steven Brust.

Note 1:  After doing the first art photo, I said to myself, “I’m seeing some faces from Brust’s novel in this image, and I need to investigate, and work this out further to see what develops.”  Some of the characters in the story are represented by more than one image as the elemental fire is ever changing, and I see my subjects in different forms. 

Note 2: “Agiel (Hebrew: אגיאל‎‎) The Intelligence (beneficial spirit) of Saturn mentioned as a Spirit in such works as the Key of Solomon. As it says on the 10th Plate: “The First Pentacle of Mercury.–It serveth to invoke the Spirits who are under the Firmament.”. And the letters forming the names of the Spirits Yekahel and Agiel. He is also described as being the presiding spirit of the planet Saturn, with Zazel.”  (Source : )

 Note 3:  Glasyalabolas is not mentioned in the Brust story, but imagine that he is one of the Fallen Angels.  He is in the form of a dog with wings.
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