Photo Exhibition at St Giles The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur Malaysia AND NOVARTIS Corporation Malaysia AS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Media Conference 9 March 2017, Was a TOTAL SUCCESS!

A view of four of my art photographs at my solo art exhibition, with the Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, FANTASTIC skyline, in the background.  The exhibition took place on the top floor, the 29th floor, of The Gardens Hotel.  I am SO grateful to NOVARTIS Corporation Malaysia, for sponsoring my exhibition!  I am also so thankful that they gave me the opportunity to speak at the Ankylosing Spondylitis Media Conference to tell my story of living with AS for the past 35 years.  

I wasn’t nervous at all speaking to all of the media in the conference because I had such great help from the wonderful and beautiful-caring people from NOVARTIS Corporation Malaysia, EDELMAN Kuala Lumpur, and MICE Podium (who helped me with getting my exhibition all organized —thank you ).  I also wasn’t nervous because I had practiced my speech twice daily for a month, no kidding!
☆ Thank you Sohphee at Photo Media for doing a BEAUTIFUL job printing my art photographs!  🙂
I also am grateful and honoured to have shared the speakers’ stage with Bernice  Chan (Franchise Head for Immunology & Dermatology, Neuroscience, of Novartis Malaysia), Dr. Amir Azlan Zain (Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist), and Associate Professor Dr. Sargunan Sockalingam, Consultant Rheumatologist [UMMC] and President of the Arthritis Foundation, Malaysia).  They were all great speakers and so nice to me, and I learned a lot from them.
They said I did a good job!  So, thanks to them and all of the media.
It was also announced that there will be an AS Run Event in Kuala Lumpur , on 7 May 2017.  It will help raise awareness about AS AND raise funds for patients to get the treatment they need, so if you are in Malaysia, you really MUST attend this event.  You can probably find out more information  from the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia.
I want to thank the talented and great film crew who spent two days with me filming a documentary of my life with AS, and the great film artwork will be available for viewing in the near future…I’ll let you know.  Thanks Jack and the entire Grenos Film crew —

Thanks so much to all involved in this Conference!
And of course, thank you Nadira, you were SO HELPFUL and generous getting me organized for this event and helping me NOT GET LOST in KLIA…I am indeed honoured to know you, and everyone I got to know from Novartis, Edelman and MICE Podium.



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