SHOES SALE ABSTRACT #1 Urban Multi-Form, Colour Field Photography by Nawfal Johnson 


Genre:  Environmental Urban Abstract.

Date: 7 March 2017.

Location :  Penang.


I looked down on this mass of shoes, with all of its colours, and all of its order, and I knew I had to take a photograph of this.  This is the type of subject that grabs my attention, the abstract,  whether it be in an urban setting, like this, or in the environment, out in nature, or something I put together artificially as a tabletop subject.

It kinda reminds me of that photograph that was sold for a record high amount, consisting of a monotonous amount of canned goods sitting on shelves in a grocery store.  This is kind of like that but my image includes people to give a sense of scale.  The people in the frame also help break up the monotony, adding time reference because of the movement blurs, and shadows, giving the image different tones and depth.  The image becomes sort of like a Colour Field picture, or a Multi-Form picture.  This is my Mark Rothko influence shining through.
Now, Christies, how about auctioning this image off for me so I don’t have to continue suffering from Van Gogh Syndrome!


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