Face Pareidolia is a BIG Part of a lot of my Art Photography, as I see faces in EVERYTHING!

[Face Pareidolia] Pareidolia (/pærˈdliə/ parr-i-doh-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus (an image or a sound) by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists.

Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the man in the moon, the moon rabbit, and hidden messages within recorded music played in reverse or at higher- or lower-than-normal speeds. (Wikipedia)

It is a form of apophenia, which is when people see patterns or connections in random, unconnected data. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2622521/Its-normal-Jesus-TOAST-Humans-hardwired-famous-faces-everyday-objects-claims-study.html#ixzz4c9gpGHch 

Face Pareidolia:  For Example, in the previous posted image, “Abstract #1, 23 March 2017”, I am posting it again with some of the faces I see in this artwork.  You may see others, more, or less than I do, but this is a real psychological manifestation.  For me, I see at least 18 faces immediately.  I actually see 20, but two of the faces are upside-down, and are skulls.

Intended or Not Intended?

This image has unintended face constructions.  They just became aware to me after the construction of the art photo.  Whereas, my Fire Portraits Series is intended.

Supposedly, Psychiatrists say that the ability to see these faces in objects means your brain is hardwired very well—that’s good to know!

I thought this was an interesting connection between art and psychology and wanted to share with you.


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