Warning!  Achtung! If you are offended by my thoughts on this, or Paul Joseph Watson’s video, then all I have to say is this:  “Tough titty said the kitty!”


I have been waiting years to hear someone “Smack-Down” the fucking modern art SJW-owning galleries that dictate what is supposed to be good art, and Paul has finally done that.  It is about time someone came out and called a pile of garbage, garbage, and NOT art.  These “garbage-artists” have destroyed the art industry for legitimate artists who create skilled, expressive, and meaningful art, but who probably have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever making it into a so-called, “respected” gallery or museum.  Great video Paul!


“The art world has decided it no longer has to be aesthetically pleasing, art no longer has to reflect sincerity or the human spirit, and it no longer has to take skill, talent, or hard work to create it.  They changed the rules, and now, no matter how lazy, pathetic, worthless, ugly, or meaningless the piece of art is, as long as it is being filtered through the lens of social justice and identity politics, then it can be considered art.”

~ “Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap,” Paul Joseph Watson ~




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