Just when I thought 76 photography series were enough to work on, I had to go and create something totally different.  Because these Black and White Fire Abstract photographs are different, they needed to be collected in a new series.  THEREFORE, this is the beginning of the “BLACK AND WHITE FIRE ABSTRACTS” Series—photography series 77.  

In their final form, the shapes seem to be created from ethereal smoke, but no, it is actually fire.  This was a process of discovery more than anything else.  The first of these images was created from many iterations of editing and using various techniques.  Normally, I would either photograph fire, or smoke, but this is the first time I have designed images of fire that appear as swirling smoke.

Title: Black and White Fire Abstract #1.

Creation Date:  20 April 2017.

Series:  Black and White Fire Abstracts.

Series Year:  2017.
Copyright 2017 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.


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