The Awesomeness of the Kuala Lumpur MRT

This is a very short video (more like a trailer) I made about my cool experience riding the super high-tech MRT train in Kuala Lumpur.  MRT stands for MASS Rapid Transit.  There is no driver, and it is totally quiet.  Some supercomputer probably runs everything…SkyNet!  Just kidding 🙂

I will NEVER claim to be a videographer, but I did what I could with the short video I shot while riding the train, but when I shot video, I wasn’t thinking I would publish it, but what the Hell, why not.  Hope you enjoy it for what it is, BUT LET IT BUFFER A LOT FIRST IF YOU HAVE SLOWER INTERNET!  

☆ YOU MUST Let THE VIDEO buffer for awhile before playing because it is a big video file!  


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