My 16th Generation Great Grandfather Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth by way of My Brereton and Lambertson Family Roots

This section is a recap of my Lambertson and Brereton family history, and then, I cover the extension of my genealogical history, going out along my FITTON Family branch.

My Brereton Family in the ‘New World’
My family (on my father’s mother’s side) have been in the United States since the early 1600’s.

My Great Ancestral Grandfather, William Brereton (b. 1648 – Cheshire, England), emigrated from England, to the ‘New World’ along with his brother, Thomas, and they settled in Maryland. There are many records in Somerset County, Maryland, about my Great Ancestral Grandfather:

“Brereton is found often in the records as a party in various transactions, and appears as one of “his Lordship’s Justices of the Peace” for Somerset in the commission of June 1676. He continued as a member of the court to the year 1690, being of “the quorum” of the court from 1687. In 1689 he was one of the coroners for Somerset Co. [Appendix IV on p. 393: 1689-1690-William Brereton (Somerset Court, Judicials, Liber EFG, 1689-90, p. 19; and Judicials, 1690-1, p. 12)].”

And also,
“William Brereton was sworn in as high Sheriff of Somerset County in place of William Whittington, on 5 November 1689 — so presumably he was living in the county, and not across the bay.” [MSA Volume 106, Somerset County Judicial Records, 1689-1690, p.7]
William Brereton (b. 1648), was married to Sarah Smith , who was the daughter of Colonel Samuel Smith: Colonel Smith piloted ships back and forth from England to America, bringing new immigrants to the New World.

“WILLIAM BRERETON; William Brereton belonged to a family of distinction in Northumberland Co., VA, whence he came to Somerset Co. MD c1672. Brereton settled on a plantation in the folk of Wicomico & Passadike Creeks in Somerset Co. which contained some 500 acres of the tract called “Smith’s Adventure.” The patent for “Smith’s Adventure” (containing in the whole 1000 acres) was granted in June 1667 to Col. Samuel Smith, of Little Wiccocomoco, Northumberland Co., VA, and a “full half” thereof deeded by the said Smith on June 8, 1672, “for and in respect of the love and affection which I beare to my son in law William Brereton, of Wiccomoco, afsd., and Sarah, his now wife,…to the said William Brereton and Sarah, his wife, and the heirs of the said Sarah, forever (Somerset Court, Deed Liber O3, p. 116. In May 1676, Samuel Smith conveyed to “My son in law Peter Presley, Junior, of Northumberland Co., Va., the remaining 500 acres of “Smith’s Adventure” tract-Deed Liber O5, p. 25-9).”

I do not have all the records I need or want, on my known Brereton Grandfathers, but there is hope that I will find more as time and research continues.

My Brereton Family Tree (The Main Branches):
I am a 7-Times Great Grandson of William Brereton (b. 1648, Brereton, Cheshire, England – d. 1690, Somerset County, Maryland) and Sarah Smith (b. 1653 – d. 1698, who was the daughter of Colonel Samuel Smith (b. 1625), husband of Hannah Smith [b. 1630]).


Here is my Fitton, Lambertson, and Brereton Family Tree – Main Branches that Connect, and going back 16 Generations.

(Gen 16) EDWARD FITTON (B. 1500 –  D. 1548 [or 1553])

[Edward was the High Sheriff of Cheshire, in 1544.]

+ MARY HARBOTTLE (B. 1507 – D. 1556)


(B. 31 March 1527 in Gawsworth, Cheshire, England – D. 3 July 1579, in Dublin, Ireland.  Sir Edward The Elder was the Treasurer of Ireland and President of Connaught. Fitton was the eldest son of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth (d.1548) and Mary Harbottle.  He was Knighted by Sir Henry Sidney in 1566).


(B. 1 May 1527 in Warburton, Arley, Cheshire, England – D. 9 January 1573, Leinster, Dublin, Ireland.  Anne was the second daughter of Sir Peter Warburton, of Areley in the county of Chester).

(B. 1550 (another source says B. 1548) in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England – D. 3 March 1606 in Gawsworth, Cheshire, England).


(B. 1554 – D. 1626).

(Gen 13) SIR EDWARD FITTON [The Swordbearer]

(B. 1572 – D. 1619:  “The Fitton Baronetcy, of Gawsworth in the County of Chester, was a title in the Baronetage of England. It was created on 2 October 1617 by King James I for Edward Fitton, of Gawsworth Hall, Gawsworth, Cheshire. The Fitton family were settled in Gawsworth from about the 13th century. The first Baronet’s ancestors included Sir Edward Fitton (1500–1553), High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1544, and Sir Edward Fitton (1527–1579), Treasurer of Ireland and President of Connaught. His father, Sir Edward Fitton (1548–1606), was an unsuccessful colonist of Munster. His sister Mary Fitton was Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth I.”  (Source: )).

[MARY FITTON, B. 1578, my Great Ancestral Aunt, had a possible Shakespearean connection:  “The relationship with Herbert is the basis for the claim that Fitton was the “dark lady” of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Herbert is one of the main candidates for the identity of the Fair Youth, a character who betrays the poet by having an affair with the Dark Lady, hence the claim that Fitton might be the lady. The suggestion was first made by Thomas Tyler in his 1890 edition of the sonnets. It was taken up by Frank Harris in several books, including The Women in Shakespeare and Shakespeare and his Love. His influential biography The Man Shakespeare asserted that Fitton had ruined Shakespeare’s life and that he died “broken hearted for love of the Dark Lady.”  (Source: )


(B. 1571 – D. 1644).


(B. 1598 – D. 1663)


(B. 1591 – D. 1629)


(B. 1610 – D. 1664).


(B. 1615 – D. 1688).

(Gen 10) WILLIAM BRERETON (1648 – 1690)

+SARAH BRERETON [SMITH] (1653 – 1698)

[Daughter of Colonel Samuel Smith (b.1625)]

(Gen 9) WILLIAM BRERETON (1673 – 1753)


(Gen 8) WILLIAM BREWINGTON (1719 – 1796)

+NANCY BREWINGTON [PARSONS] (no specific dates yet) (Note: There are many spelling variations of BRERETON in Historical Documents. This was the time of high-tension between the British loyal to the Crown, and colonists fighting for freedom.  Changing the surname from “Brereton” to “Brewington” was most likely a strategic move for safety’s sake as the name “Brereton” was well known in service to royalty of England, for over 500-years, as Knights and Barons of the Kings.)

(Gen 7) WILLIAM BREWINGTON (b. 1765)


(Gen 6) PRISCILLA JANE LAMBERTSON [BREWINGTON] (b. c.1790 – d. 9 Dec 1851)

+JOHN W. LAMBERTSON (b. 4 Oct 1789 – d. 16 Aug 1865) (Note: My Lambertson family had been in The New World since before 1630.  They first landed in Accomack County, VA. Shortly then, my ancestral Great Grandfather Lambertson moved to Snow Hill, Maryland. It was the Lambertson side of my family that joined with the Brereton (Brewington) Clan.

The early Lambertson’s spelled their names without the “T” . About 1790, Levi Lambertson (1751-1794) started using the “T”. His son John W. Lambertson & Thomas Lambertson (1790-1891) continued the practice. Some of the Samuel Lamberson (1746 -1806) family in MD use the “T” and some of this same family living in Indiana spelled the name without the”T”.

    It was John W. Lambertson, Married to Priscilla Jane Lambertson [Brewington] that joined the Lambertson and Brewington (Brereton) Family lines.

☆  A Lambertson Grandfather of particular interest is LEVI LAMBERTSON:


Sex: M

Birth: 1751 in Snow Hill, Worcester Co., MD

Death: 1794 in Snow Hill, Worcester Co., MD

Levi M. LAMBERTSON; b: 1751, d: 1794, son of Samuel (1708-1766) & Elizabeth (Betty) Watson Smith.

Levi married Rebecca Parker (b. c.a. 1748) , together they had 3 children: John W. Lambertson, Thomas & Sarah.

Levi served in the Maryland State Militia during the American Revolutionary War. Revolutionary War as a Soldier Roll: #7 in the third classion Capt. Benjamin Dennis’s Company of their Wicomico Battalion, Worcester County, Maryland Militia.


(Gen 5) SAMUEL LAMBERTSON (b. 22 Dec 1828 – d. 1 Jan 1921)

+MARY M. LAMBERTSON [SHADE] (b. 18 Feb 1834 – d. 29 Apr 1909),

[Andreas SHADE,  B. (c.) 1725 in Germany.  D. 1786-09-03, Berks Co., PA.  He was the Great Grandfather of Mary M. Shade, and he was also an American Revolution veteran — DAR ANCESTOR #:A102519. ]

(Gen 4) WILLIAM MONROE LAMBERTSON (b. 14 Mar 1864 – d. 31 Mar 1948)

+ADA GRACE LAMBERTSON [GOODMAN] (b. 14 Jun 1870 – d. 1 Jun 1950)

(Gen 3) BERTHA GRACE JOHNSON [LAMBERTSON] (b. 8 Mar 1898 – d. 23 Jun 1981)

+JOHN ADOLPH CHRISTIAN JOHANNESON (b. 3 Aug 1885 – d. 3 Jul 1963)

(Gen 2) Merlin Roy Johnson (b. 14 May 1938)

+Connie Rae Johnson [Yonkey] (b. 22 Oct 1941)




That’s all for now.  Of course, errors in any data above, is possible.  I find most of my genealogical history data from the Internet, and from historical records and research from other genealogy enthusiasts.  I’m just attempting to connect family history dots!  If you happen to comment on this post with corrections, please bring your evidence to prove otherwise.  I don’t claim to have all my genealogical history absolutely correct, but I attempt to be careful using data that is available to me.


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