Hanging Dead Brown Leaf on Wall


Title:  “Hanging Dead Brown Leaf on Wall”.

Date: 25 July 2017.

Place:  Penang, Malaysia.

Genre:  Environmental Still Life.

Serendipity.  I love serendipity.  Things that just happen, like this leaf, seemingly to hang in mid-air, but it actually got caught on the wooden support of a metal wall.  I just happen to notice it, as I do, and had my camera, as usual, to enable me to create this photograph.

I just uploaded this one to my photo library representative’s website (arcangel.com), and it is waiting to be reviewed.  However, here is a link that may send you to see some of my other images at the website.

Nawfal Johnson @ Arcangel Photo Library

That is a search result link to my name, Nawfal Johnson, when entered at arcangel.  I think it should work, at least, for awhile.

The strangest thing about working with a Photo Library is that much of the time, I cannot anticipate which images will be accepted.  I often guess wrong.  And, the acceptance percentage is quite low.  The last batch I uploaded for inspection, 3 out of 16 images were accepted for inclusion into the library.  The ones I thought would be a “for sure”, were rejected.  The three that were approved, I would not have guessed they would be.

VERY strange.  However, they have their reasoning.

Anyway, that’s about all for now.

When serendipity happens, I’m happy, as long as I’m around when it happens…and, if I have my camera.

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