Chinese Tombstone in Black and White 

“Chinese Tombstone in Black and White”.

Copyright 2017 Nawfal Johnson 

All Rights Reserved.

I was photographing in the rain at a Chinese cemetery in Penang.  I walked there.  It was a long walk, but it was raining and cool…and really wet.  I found a general caretaker doing some chores and I did my best to communicate with him.  I started with speaking a little in Malay, and he didn’t seem to understand me.  I know my Malay is bad, but not horrible, so I figured he didn’t know how to speak Malay!  Imagine that:  a Chinese who has lived in Penang, for like ever (probably), and doesn’t know how to speak Bahasa Malaysia.  Some Penang Chinese only know how to speak Hokkian or Mandarin.  Eventually, I realized he knew a little English.  So, we did our best to communicate in English, and I got my verbal “Okey-Dokey” to take some pictures in the junglized and wet, Chinese cemetery.  

Here is a Black and White photo of a tombstone surrounded by tall weeds and jungle “stuff”.  

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