Photography for a Challenge and Just for Fun

If I were going to do photography for the challenges that are associated within the traditional craft, and also, just to do it for the fun of it, I would forget about digital, and go back to using my Kodak Brownie Box Camera, which uses medium format, 120 Film.  The main technical problem with that was that it produces negatives—very long negatives!  No one here in Penang could print for me photos from my negatives because they were not a standard size negative—the box camera produced really wide, panorama-style negatives.  The solution:  I had to scan my negatives using a flatbed scanner (when I had one long ago), which produced digital negative files.  After that, I took the digital negative files into a file editing software and used the “Invert” image command to produce a positive digital image file.  This was a lengthy process, but the results were always interesting.  Anyway, if I photographed just for the fun of it, and if there was still 120 film available, and if I still had a flatbed scanner, and if I wanted to spend a lot of money on film and processing, then I would just create photographs with my Kodak Brownie Box Camera.  

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