The use of B-d-mannuronic acid (M2000) for AS and RA patients

That is a link to recent B-d-mannuronic acid research on its use to treat RA patients. 

  Mannuronic acid is:

“Uronic acid derived from the oxidation of mannose; a component of alginic acid.”

This research seems promising.  However, I could not find anywhere on the Internet if this NSAID is available for the treatment of AS and RA in pill form, yet.  Meaning, is M2000 on the market?  I could not find it in the online database. 

It (mannuronic acid) is a byproduct of Alginate (alginic acid), and has something to do with algae, seaweed, and that is something I am allergic to.  However, it may be so processed by the time it has entered pill-form, that the allergic properties are very minor or non-existent, as this research seems to say.  

Alginates are refined from brown seaweeds. A wide variety of brown seaweeds of the phylum Phaeophyceae are harvested throughout the world to be converted into the raw material commonly known as sodium alginate. Sodium alginate has a wide use across a wide variety of industries including food, textile printing and pharmaceutical.”

Source:  Wikipedia,  

I also could not find which Big-Pharma company owns the patent on this.  Someone always owns the patent.  

It seems that this M2000 has no, or little gastritis effects, which is a big plus. 

Maybe M2000 will be (more widely) available soon for the treatment of RA and AS.  

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