(Another) Saatchiart dot com Rant – Please Take a Few Mins to Answer the Questions Listed in My Post, Thanks!


My dear fellow artists, photographers, and crafts creators, I would like to see a show of hands…well not hands, but perhaps show of Comments about the following particular topics.  The topics are, or, the questions are these:

1) Are you a Saatchiart dot com Artist?

2) Do you advertise Original Art there only, Only offer Prints, or, Both?

3) Have you ever sold an Original there?  Or, have you ever sold a Print there?

4) Do you find that the fellow Saatchiart Artists and Administrators to be WAY too Pretentious and Unsupportive?

Here are my answers:

Q1)  Yes.

Q2)  Prints Only.

Q3)  Have Never Sold Anything there!

Q4)  Yes!  Like WTF!  I have never seen such a bunch of  unsupportive fellow artists.  

* I fully realize that Artistic likes are subjective, to a ludicrous level where people in the modern art world can rave all about a literal pile of garbage, and it will sell for $10 million dollars.  Therefore, it is my opinion that “Likes” (or “Favouriting”) on artworks, most of the time, is a psychological ego stroke.  

Nevertheless, a few “Favourites” on an artwork can uplift an artist’s spirit from time-to-time, especially when the artist gets the notion they are just wasting their precious time and sanity doing artwork that no one seems to care about. Me…I said that.

HOWEVER, what I cannot comprehend is how my work below, the “Blue Window and Red Tub”,  which is one of my more favorite Environmental Still Life images (created many years ago), can have nearly 1,400 views, and NO Likes/Favourites!!!  Like WTF!  
* What are the odds that not a single person, not a single individual human being, has found my image interesting, or beautiful enough to hit the “favourite” button at Saatchiart? 

Individuals are supposed to have their own Free Will, various likes, style leanings, fashion sense, etc.  BUT ACCORDING TO ALMOST 1,400 OTHER ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS AT SAATCHIART dot com, this art photograph was NOT interesting to a single person who viewed it.  None of them saw any interest in the composition, with its beautifully vibrant blue and red colours, or the mysterious single and shut window, or the corresponding and parallel coloured red bucket and smaller blue bucket.  

*  I am usually  very humble about my artwork, and I’m also willing to delete tons of my bad work, and sometimes, and I may even praise my own work because I can do that with some confidence because I know which of my photographs have some elements of quality.  

“I can confidently say that this environmental still life photograph is beautiful, and the colours are amazing, and the parallel construction of elements with their corresponding colours is really good, and well composed.  I also love the blue window and how it is the central subject, and the red bucket is off-centered to add tension.  The blue and red combination of colours also lends to some visual tension even though the colours are beautiful together.  And, this was taken in the old film-days, so the digital file is older, and a bit less clarity than today’s digital camera technology—but I’m not judging this image on that.”  Me…I said that!

I would also say with confidence that those nearly 1,400 viewers WHO TOTALLY DISREGARDED my art photograph, are the same people who think that a literal pile of garbage is great modern art.  They are probably the same people who think that a person screaming in a corner of a modern art gallery, is good art.  Or also, that an unfinished, half-eaten sandwich under glass is great artwork.  

Well, what to say, what do I know….hmmmm….as the creator of this “obvious” piece of “garbage-photography” (according to pretentious Saatchiart standards), I should probably feel completely and utterly ashamed that I ever let this abomination out into the art world:  it must be the kind of artwork that only the creator could love…right.  I am Frankenstein and this is one of my Monsters!  

WELL NOW, I will just have to continue releasing my monsters upon the pretentious bastards※ of the modern art world, and the few people out there who actually think my art-monsters are lovely, beautiful, and meaningful—the people who actually think about qualities of good artwork, you are the ones I really want to know, to discuss art with, and spend time with.

* I appreciate those of you who give my work the time of day, and think it is meaningful, emotional, and technically interesting.

If you have a moment, please let me know what you think about my “Abomination” (Blue Window and Red Tub), and please answer the 4 Questions above.  

Thank you!


※  Of course, not all artists at Saatchiart are “pretentious bastards”….that was an over generalization.  However, the Administrators there seem to have their “darlings” who they push, selling their artwork.  And, I have personally had no luck interacting with other artists.  Thus, I am quite frustrated with them, and, other similar art websites.


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