Alien Probe Released, v3, Edit E

Title:  “Alien Probe Released, v3, Edit E”.

Years:  2003 to 2012.

Copyright 2012 Nawfal Johnson 

All Rights Reserved.


Series Years:  2001 to 2018 (On-Going).


[ Alien Probe Released, v3, Edit E, was edited and created from 2003, to the final edit, E, in 2012.  The original piece was designed in 2003.  This is a mixed media art piece, using miniature sculpting, painting, drawings, digital SFX, and digital photography.  The colours are more saturated in this edit.  It took so many years because I let it sit for long periods, thinking about how I wanted to perfect the final rendition.]



This is a mixed-media art series that began in 2001, and continues to the present…and I suspect will be one of the few photography series that I never put the proverbial, “THE END”.  These are images that could exist on some alien world.  These are landscapes and seascapes.  These images include photography, painting, drawing, miniature sculpture, and computer digital art.  This is my only art series that composes so many art media elements.  I was influenced by Science Fiction novels and Science Fiction TV shows to create this series, Especially Heinlein stories, and the Star Trek franchise.


☆ Purchase Fine Art Photography Prints of the OFF-WORLD ALIEN LANDSCAPES photographs at the following link:—2012_art?imid=76be3f1f-b0f6-4a6a-9456-054a7e30ade0


OFF-WORLD, ALIEN LANDSCAPES , other worldly, blue sky, clouds, green leaf, desert, no people, good, 5-degrees sky, Nawfal Johnson, outer space , cold, dry, hot, alien probe, satellite, Star-Trek, Star-Wars, Heinlein, Asimov, Bova, Planets, Suns, Stars, Universe, Galaxy, Solar-System, Big-Bang,

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