The Photography Influence of my Great Uncle Paul Bader

It is a very sad day, as I learned that my Great Uncle Paul Bader passed away.  He was my late Grandmother’s brother.  I would have to say that Uncle Paul was my earliest influence of the photographic arts.  He photographed weddings, portraits, still-life, and even Pet Photography.  I think his skill photographing animals, was very influential in my Cat Portraits Photography, and in general, the art of photography.  There was a fantastic portrait of my Grandmother’s dog that Uncle Paul took.  That portrait hung on my Grandmother’s wall for as long as I can remember.  It wasn’t just a picture of a dog, it was a majestic-looking Dog Portrait.  That was the type of skill Uncle Paul had in working with a subject, and then designing a great image.
A few years ago, I came up with a plan to capture Uncle Paul’s photography story on audio.  I have always believed audio archives, of family, is important.  I made a very big mistake once, when I lost a cassette tape recording I made of my late Grandfather, Art Yonkey, when I interviewed him for a high school social studies project: I interviewed my Grandfather about his experiences during the Great Depression .  He said so many interesting things on that cassette tape,  but the tape was lost.  The biggest regret is that I cannot hear my Grandfather’s voice, ever again.  
I didn’t want to make the same mistake again, so I planned out a way to interview Uncle Paul, but it wasn’t easy.  Here was the process.  I emailed questions to my mother, who then relayed the questions on to Uncle Paul.  He recorded his answers onto cassette tape and sent the cassettes to my mother.  My mother then mailed the cassettes to me here in Malaysia.  Being that I needed the interview to be digitized and put on my computer, I had a bit of a low-tech solution.  I connected my cassette player to my laptop: to do this connection I needed to connect a cable from the cassette player’s earphone jack to the computer’s external microphone jack.  Then, I used Audacity software to record the interview as it played (from the cassette player) on the laptop.  It was a great process, even though it took several steps, with family help along the way.  To keep the finished digital recording safe and out there for others to hear, virtually, forever, I archived the interview at archive dot org, and here is the link.  Click this Link to Hear the Digital Archive of my Interview of my Late Great Uncle Paul Bader, and his Photography Story.

Please have a listen.  I am just glad to have this archived, as I wished I would have been more careful in high school, to see the importance, at that time, to preserve audio of my Grandfather—One very regrettable mistake never to be repeated; but also in the end, there is a success during this sad time, to have preserved my Great Uncle Paul Bader’s photography story archived in digital audio, at archive dot org.

 I think I was influenced by my Uncle Paul Bader’s Pet Photography:  These are a sampling of my Cat Portraits, and they are, no doubt, done in my style, but they are inspired by my Great Uncle’s work.

My heart goes out to my Great Aunt Rita, and family, during this time.  Uncle Paul will be missed greatly.

Socrates, a cat portrait by Nawfal Johnson


AVICENNA cat portrait by Nawfal Johnson.

AVICENNA, a cat portrait.

Ameena Bee Cat Portraiture by Nawfal Johnson

Ameena Bee

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