WARREL DANE, Singer of NEVERMORE and SANCTUARY, Dead at Age 56.

Warrel Dane’s death was a little over a month ago, and I am just deciding to mention it.

WARREL, by far, was my favorite lyricist, and was part of two of my all-favourite bands: NEVERMORE and SANCTUARY.

Warrel Dane (born Warrel G. Baker; March 7, 1961 – December 13, 2017) was an American musician who was the lead singer for the metal bands Sanctuary and Nevermore. He was a natural baritone, though he was known for his high-pitched vocals with Serpent’s Knight and on the first two Sanctuary albums. Later in his career, Dane became more notable for his distinctively deep, dramatic voice. (Wikipedia/warreldane)

He struggled with diabetes, and unfortunately, alcoholism. He died of a heart attack while in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was there for the purpose of recording his second solo album.

Leave it to say, I will miss his creative genius. I was hoping for a NEVERMORE reunion album, but that will not happen.

His music was artistically inspiring for me. Many nights as I worked on my own artwork, I was listening to NEVERMORE or SANCTUARY.

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