KL and Things you didn’t know about medicines and medical procedures, that you should question your doctor about


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A Short Trip to Kuala Lumpur, BUT a Long Bus Ride, and Arthritis:

I was in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, for a very short trip. I took only one photo…that is how little time I had. Then, I was off, back on my way home, to Penang. Five and a half hours going and the same coming back — 11-hours on the bus in one day, is a KILLER for someone with multiple types of arthritis. Honestly, when I got off the bus, my knees would not work, they were literally locked. Imagine your legs without knee joints, and bones just rubbing on each other. Well that is how I felt. Nevertheless, I survived the adventure. I would not recommend such a long bus journey, well, it could be car, plane, train, too, for anyone with serious leg, hip, or spine arthritis. But sometimes, we have no choice, do we.

On the bus ride to Kuala Lumpur, I had 5-hours of time to learn some new things. Each seat has a video player built into it, and a wide variety of programming choices. I decided to check out the TED-X Talks option.

What I Learned About Some Medications and Medical Procedures:

Here are the two main points that stood out in my mind from the following TED-X video:

1) ONLY 1 out of 300 patients using Statins for Cholesterol problems, benefit from the drug, YET, 5% of the 300 patients will experience SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS! NOT very good results, is it.

2) ONLY 1 out of every 49 patients who have a PROSTATE removal surgery will have any benefit from the surgery. AND, 50% of those 49 patients will experience SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS from having the surgery! Those are really sucky odds if you ask me, and NOT worth it. The side effects for prostate glad removal are quite horrible, and potentially embarrassing.

These are things some doctors won’t even tell you about unless you give the doctor the 3rd-Degree when in a consultation with the doctor. These are things you have a right to know before deciding on a drug or surgery.

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