Day: February 19, 2018

I’ve been a Blogger for 11 years! Wow!

I’ve been a WordPress Blogger for 11 Years, I guess as of today, February 19th!

I do mostly Photography blogging: Blogging is a way to digitally exhibit my fine art photography.

I show my new photography work, and most of it is at my Imagekind Gallery, where I offer Fine Art Prints, or museum-quality Canvas prints.

Here’s my Imagekind Gallery Sales Link:


I also discuss a few topics that are often talked about on alternative news sites, such as the ways the NWO is continually screwing over the people. This is stuff that everyone should be concerned about, but I believe people are relatively stuck in the belief that the things the super powerful people, and their super powerful cabals they belong to, will not affect me. Therefore, keep your head down, don’t make any trouble, go to my 9-5 in my bank-owned car, come back to my bank-owned home, which sits on land owned by the Crown, if you live in one of those royal type countries, and I’m not sure who really owns the land that houses and buildings sit on, in the United States…but “Freehold” does not necessarily mean you own the land.


I thought that I would have thousands of people following my blog, at least after 11 years, but Nope! I guess my blog does not attract people. Why? I don’ Fúçķing know. In fact, over the last couple of weeks, I have seen a drop in subscribers, and I thought to myself , “What the Fúçķ is going on?!?”

Am I too abstract?

Am I not approachable?

Am I not likeable? I think people I interact with like me…

I can’t figure it out.

Some photography blogs have lessons in photography, well that is fine, BUT IF YOU COME HERE for photography lessons, then you may be disappointed. I mainly blog as a digital means to exhibit my Abstract Photography, and also, other types of Photography. I may give photography lessons 5% of the time in my blogs.

I have been a photographer for approximately 41 years! I think I know a lot about photography. In fact…


I do everything with minimal and improvised equipment, so if that is of interest, then be sure to contact me! 🙂


☆ Anyway, I love that I have had a handful of very steady followers visit my blog over the years, and I thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy seeing my blog.


A couple of other topics I discuss on my blog are certain health issues, and my personal genealogy.

The health issues are:

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Ménière’s Disease .

These health issues are important to me because I own them.

After so many years and so many blog posts, I can’t exactly recall all of the Great Grandfather family branches I’ve discussed, but here are my family links I remember discussing in blog posts:

LAMBERTSON (Great Grandfather Henry Lamberson was in the New World Colony (America) as early as 1630, and was first in Accomac County, Virginia. Great Grandfather Levi was in the Maryland Militia in the American Revolution, and was from Snow Hill, Maryland).

SHADE: (Andreas Shade took part (Patriotic Service) in the American Revolution, and was from Berks County, Pennsylvania).

SMITH (Captain of a ship, and owner of 1,000 acres of land called Smith’s Adventure. He gave 500 acres of that to my Great Grandfather William Brereton (my ancestral grandfathers changed the name to Brewington).

BRERETON (William)

FITTON (Sir Edward Fitton, 1st Baronet (1572–1619) of GAWSWORTH HALL, Britain. His sister, Mary Fitton was a maiden of Queen Elizabeth I, and Mary is thought to be a potential choice of Shakespeare’s “Black Lady” mentioned in his Sonnets. There was so much hanky-panky going on that it is difficult to definitely point out the exact person who is the “Dark Lady”—Mary would be my Great ancestral Aunt).


That is about it for now, and I continue on for more years, with many more art photography works, and thoughts about the craft of photography.

You MUST WATCH this Video and Wake Up to the Fact the New World Order WILL take over the World if WE the People Ignore their Plans

SORRY, I am again Off-Topic: there is no photography mentioned in this blog post .

I also do not want you to get angry, as the video title states, I just want you to realize that the world has been slowly taken over, for decades and decades, by the NWO and it has been unleashing their takeover of global control.

You may think you are not affected, but WE, the little people, who probably make up 99.999990% of the population, are going to continue to get screwed by these Globalists (e.g., Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Morgans, etc.,).

Yes, you are affected: Do you deal with banks? Well they work by very shady ways, called “Fractionalized Banking”. According to the speaker in the video, banks can loan out 20 times the amount of cash reserves they have, and that is why they freak out when there is ever a Run-on-the-Bank threat—they DON’T have the cash to pay out!

The only aspect of the video that I am unsure of still, because I would need to see authentic evidence, are the two Extraterrestrial Crashes. The Shadow Government (C I A, N S A, and other agencies we don’t even know about) is EXPERT at subterfuge, bait-and-switch, lies, Double-Speak, and propaganda events.

I’m not sure if the Alien crashes were stories cooked up as ways to hide the theory/fact that super SECRET military machines were being engineered out there in Area 51; OR, if it was a clever way of disseminating an UNBELIEVABLE legend, of alien crashes, in such a way TO MAKE THE MAJORITY OF SHEEPLE believe it is nonsense.

I think it was the intention of the Shadow Gov’t to create an elaborate plan and to convince a few “alien truthers,” by giving them a few technical alien tidbits—by staging UFO fly-over events—by allowing the public to see “completely unexplainable” strange sightings over Area 51; and thus, the Shadow Gov’t was pushing for the spread of alien stories at Area 51, mostly by guys wearing tinfoil hats (or so the Shadow Gov’t and NWO-owned mass media outlets paint these guys to be). Other people, however, take the “alien truthers” very seriously.

Thus, the “Alien Truthers” appear nonsensical and lunaticish (I made that word up) to everyone else, but they could be on to something—it is unclear to me without seeing DNA evidence of aliens tested by an outside, non-governmental influenced medical lab. And, metallurgical testing of any spacecraft, done by an independent third party lab not receiving any funding from the government. I would want to see “Alien DNA” proved, and metallurgical testing proof of materials not of this world.

I believe it (the whole “Area 51 Legend”) is definitely a VERY ELABORATE operation to deceive the American public. People should never forget that “deception” is a big part of what the Shadow Gov’t does as a cover story for other activities they don’t want us to know about.

I just wonder if there are any Area 51 whistleblowers? Or, are these people mostly kept silent? I do believe that some whistleblowers are pawns directed by the Shadow Government, to spread “Fake News” and to disseminate the “untruth”.

ONE THING IS VERY CLEAR TO ME: IF aliens had the technology to travel light years in space, perhaps with FTL (Faster Than Lightspeed) Drives, the ships would probably be very huge and technically elaborate — THEY WOULD NOT BE FUNKY LITTLE SAUCER-SHAPED spacecraft. I am also pretty sure they would NOT travel light years for friendly purposes. I believe that an advanced alien people who traveled light years to scout out another livable world, would go to this great effort for Take-Over purposes. They would only go to such effort if their own world was/or was going to be destroyed (planets can be destroyed in various ways—huge comets or asteroids going to crash, sun is dying, alien nuclear war, etc). They would look for suitable planets, and if the planet is already inhabited, my belief is that the advanced alien invaders would take over the new planet aggressively! The people on the planet could be used as food, or slaves—it would depend on the alien diet, and the need of a subjugated population of workers.

I just can’t imagine an alien race making such a huge project of finding a new world to populate, and the scout representative simply says to the first human they see, “We come in peace, take me to your leader, please.” That’s nonsense. The story would more likely contain militaristic aliens coming to Earth with huge spacecraft and with weapons very capable of ending life on the planet, if they didn’t need humans for food and slaves.