Day: February 21, 2018

Crushed Art Pencils Colour-Field, No-1, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson


Title: Crushed Art Pencils Colour-Field, No-1, Edit C.
Complex Crushed Art Pencils Colour Field Photography Series. Series Start Month/Year: February/2018. All images are the Copyright of Nawfal Johnson. All Rights Reserved. No unauthorized use.

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The invention of the Conspiracy Theorist

That video by James Corbett will explain how the C I A came up with a plan to socially train the public to disregard anyone with a counter opinion to that of the Government narrative on any issue. This explains my comment in a recent post:

That comment being, where I mentioned about “the people” (tinfoil hats) who try to prove alien-works going on in Area 51, but are called nonsense and whackos by the MSM and the Shadow Government—in other words, they are labeled “conspiracy theorists”. This invention of the “conspiracy theorist” was hatched and revealed in C I A document 1035-960: in short, the Shadow Government needed a way to counter criticism. Imagine that…you can’t trust what the Gov’t and MSM are telling you…Holy Cow!


Addendum :


I have no doubt that Boyd Bushman worked in Area 51: And, I have no doubt that he is a smart scientist with lots of patents, as he claims. This could be verified with the Patent Office.

It is also possible that HE REALLY BELIEVES the TOP-SECRET INFORMATION THAT WAS FED TO HIM BY HIS BUDDIES IN AREA 51. That information including the photos of alleged UFOs and Living Aliens who, he claimed, interacted with his buddies, the ones slipping him the secret info. He apparently also claims he interacted with the little alien people, and thus, that is how he personally got photos of these aliens. OK now…

☆Look at the Aliens. Are you FRACKING kidding me! You see that skinny-assed neck holding up that MASSIVE HEAD!

PHYSIOLOGICALLY, it would be extremely difficult for a being to function with a huge head, and relatively NO neck muscles to support that massive head. These aliens would need necks like Corey Taylor (singer of SLIPKNOT).

In my opinion, at this moment, with no other evidence to prove what Boyd is claiming in the interview, I would conclude that he was an UNWITTING Straw Man, for the Shadow Government operating out of Area 51.

A “Straw Man” is defined as, “A person who is set up as a cover or front for a questionable enterprise.”

I think that people like Boyd “want to believe” SO BADLY, that they become useful to the Shadow Government because when they present so-called evidence (of whatever), it will seem so convincing, but relatively flawed.

I JUST DON’T BUY the story of LIVING, 5 feet tall, anemic looking alien creatures, with huge heads and no neck muscles to support the big-ass heads. I doubt that these creatures have enough muscle mass to operate heavy tools and machinery needed to build “Starships”. Oh right, they do everything with their mind manipulating powers.

If you look at the Alien in Boyd’s photos, they look like anything that Lucas Arts studio could imagine and build. I’m sure the Shadow Government had its own people, professional alien-builders, constructing life-size aliens with all the physiological systems inside, to make it appear like it could be a living creature. I think Boyd was either imagining that the aliens were alive, or he was brainwashed by the Shadow Government to believe he interacted with live aliens. Maybe he is like Mr. Rogers, and all his buddies are imaginary?

As mentioned in my previous post, I believe that any aliens visiting Earth would be like this:

ONE THING IS VERY CLEAR TO ME: IF aliens had the technology to travel light years in space, perhaps with FTL (Faster Than Lightspeed) Drives, the ships would probably be very huge and technically elaborate — THEY WOULD NOT BE FUNKY LITTLE SAUCER-SHAPED spacecraft. I am also pretty sure they would NOT travel light years for friendly purposes. I believe that an advanced alien people who traveled light years to scout out another livable world, would go to this great effort for Take-Over purposes. They would only go to such effort if their own world was/or was going to be destroyed (planets can be destroyed in various ways—huge comets or asteroids going to crash, sun is dying, alien nuclear war, etc). They would look for suitable planets, and if the planet is already inhabited, my belief is that the advanced alien invaders would take over the new planet aggressively! The people on the planet could be used as food, or slaves—it would depend on the alien diet, and the need of a subjugated population of workers.

I just can’t imagine an alien race making such a huge project of finding a new world to populate, and the scout representative simply says to the first human they see, “We come in peace, take me to your leader, please.” That’s nonsense. The story would more likely contain militaristic aliens coming to Earth with huge spacecraft and with weapons very capable of ending life on the planet, if they didn’t need humans for food and slaves.

Therefore, my vision of an alien race, who would go to the extreme trouble of traveling light years to get to Earth, would probably look more like this….PREDATOR!