Day: February 27, 2018

Holy Smokes Batman! Don’t talk to me about Passion and Photography!

Yeah…you heard me right.

Please, Don’t talk to me about Passion and Photography!

How many times have you heard, “Photography is my passion“?

Breathing, is my passion.

Ya’know what…I’m not sure I have a passion.

I know I have a madness, that madness, I think, is that I need to Photograph ‘stuff’ if I have a camera in my hands . I also need to create Abstract Expressionism artwork if I have paper and pens at my ready, and some time to use, to create such “mad” artwork.

Sometimes, I DON’T necessarily want to, or love what I am photographing, but I do it because it seems to just be a part of me, and if I have the tools (camera, some light, etc.), so then, the possibility of discovery is there for me. However, photography is not always good for me, and I think therefore, it is more of madness, rather than a passion. Artwork is something that just happens as a result of the Photography Madness, or, Pen-Art Madness. I knew a long time ago that I have an abstract mind. Abstract for me, is a rather good thing. Thus, not all madness is bad.

For these various reasons, and being rather cynical about things in general, is why I question the millions of times people say, “Photography is my Passion,” “Painting is my Passion,” “Dance is my Passion,” “Singing is my Passion,”….Are you sure?

I’m just sort of tired of hearing “Photography” and “Passion” being used in the same sentence. If you take some extra time to think about it, and be more honest with yourself, maybe your artwork of choice, is actually something other than a passion. Or, maybe it is a passion for real, for you.

Crushed Art Pencils Colour-Field, No-5, Edit D

Title: Crushed Art Pencils Colour-Field, No-5, Edit D.


Complex Crushed Art Pencils Colour Field Photography Series. Series Start Month/Year: February/2018.


Series Artist’s Statement:
“It wasn’t until after I designed the first 11 photographs in this series that I realized something very powerful about these images. There are big elements (relative to the other elements), and then small elements, and then tiny elements, and then, even smaller and smaller particles in the photographs, and all of the elements interconnect. Therefore, there is the placement of the bigger parts to create the sense of colour-field, fields, or partitions, and then there are all the particles that overlap and intermix with the larger parts in the photos.”

All images are the Copyright of Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
No unauthorized use.

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