Mysterious Beverly Hills and Art Appreciation Without Feedback

Mysterious Art Appreciation from Beverly Hills, California, but Never any Feedback. I would like to hear what people, who appreciate artwork, think about my artworks…all artists should welcome feedback…it helps guide us along our artistic journey.

For many months, perhaps a few years, the Visitors listed for my artwork, “DIFFUSION NUMBER ONE, EDIT C”, has ALWAYS BEEN from Beverly Hills, California. Why? I guess whomever this is, if a single person, must REALLY LIKE this artwork, but, according to, this artwork has never been sold…yeah, I know, very suspicious to me.

I’m mainly curious what “Beverly Hills” finds so alluring about this artwork. I want to continue doing THAT thing…but I can’t if I don’t have feedback from “Beverly Hills”…maybe they will contact me to give some feedback.

“DIFFUSION NUMBER ONE, EDIT C”, must be quite good I guess, as it is my most viewed artwork there at FAA.

It would be nice if “Beverly Hills” is a Set Director” in movies, but who knows…I would like to see this artwork on a wall, in a movie set. That would be cool.

Well, thanks and maybe someday, I will get more feedback from viewers, such as “Beverly Hills” as feedback is useful for artists so we know if we are focused on the right things and designing artworks that are interesting to people who view and collect artwork.

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