Day: March 9, 2018

What the Hęłļ? A rant about my erratic (NOT erotic—LMAO) Blog-Subscription Numbers

I have slogged-on blogging for 11 years. I don’t care very much about the number of subscribers I have, but I am rather put-off that over night I lost 8 subscribers!


It is no secret that numbers matter in Internet ventures, including numbers of subscribers on WordPress blogs, which apparently means popularity.

Well, I must be rather unpopular, as I slowly gain new subscribers, only to have them plucked away over night! Could WordPress computer arithmetic be totally screwed-up? I doubt it.

For the people who unsubscribed, why the füçķ-ever did you subscribe in the first place if you were just going to unsubscribe? Makes no logical sense!

☆ In a state of human faults, anger, and wonder, I often ponder how people who have been blogging for one year can POSSIBLY have 2,000 followers, especially if their photography or artwork is horrific and uninteresting. Or, the new blogger who has 100 followers, but has 300 likes on each blog post. It is totally bewildering!

Is there some Damned Blogging Conspiracy going on here?

It is like, “Why the Fúçķ should I let this bother me?” I shouldn’t, but at times it does bother me. I have been blogging for 11 years, publishing my best creative artworks, advice from my years of experience as a photographer, spending a lot of time attempting to share important bits of photo-insights for anyone who wants to take the time to read, consider, and learn from the words of my blog.

Maybe, anyone who unsubscribes my blog, should not be thought about. And perhaps it is better if people who do not appreciate my blog’s content, that they please do unsubscribe—Be my guest.

I would suggest that this is a conspiracy by the NW0 Scum…but that may be pushing reality. They are too busy being Globalists and Eugenicists. They probably have little time to mess with blogging numbers when they are so busy plundering the wealth of the common people.

Well…whatever. This is out of my control, and sometimes those things that are out of our control are the most irritating and disappointing.

■ I am lucky to have a few, a handful of subscribers who visit my blog, and I really do appreciate your visits to my blogs.

Well, that is my rant about this irritating up-and-more-down subscribers’ conundrum.

⊙⊙If I knew what it was that was driving away my subscribers, would I change my blogging style? Would I change who I am and morph into someone else to make other bloggers happy and content??

● Well….NO! Fúçķ-No!

I figure now that people who appreciate me, my art, my photography, my thoughts on photography, and who can handle it, on those rare occasions, when I need to rant…those are the people I appreciate as subscribers to my blogs. Thank you to all who stay subscribers to my blog, and enjoy the contents.

The End…

Abstract Urban Wall Decay #1, 9 March 2018



TITLE: “Abstract Urban Wall Decay #1, 9 March 2018”.

Creation Date: 9 March 2018.


Collection Years: 2013 to Present (On-Going).



Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

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