Day: March 22, 2018

The More Photography I Do, The More I Realize How Little I Know!

The More Photography I Do, The More I Realize How Little I Know! (Yeah, I Just Said That!”)

That sounds sort of contradictory; however, No…it is true, for me at least.

I get used to doing my specialty, and not drift too far away.


I venture into a TOTALLY different type of photography, this time, Food Photography, and even though I am confident with studio lighting and composition, and manual settings, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY than all the photography technicalities.


The key to this post is just a reality check for myself…and perhaps you too.

I suggest working on other types of photography on a regular basis so that when you have an opportunity to do various types, perhaps you have extra hours of practice under your belt. That is always a good thing.

One thing I like to do to get myself more “focused” is take simple food subjects (The “Mental” Onions Shot) and prepare all the mental photography calculations in my mind:

Things to Think About….Such as:

  • Subject sizes and how they look with the lens I’m using.
  • Where the edges of the frame are with relationship to my subjects.
  • Main subject focus points and sub-subjects out-of-focus points.
  • Aperture, shutter speed, studio lighting settings and distance to subject.
  • Placement of light(s).
  • Natural or Artificial Light….or both.
  • Placement of camera.
  • Top (Flat-Lay) or Frontal Perspective?
  • Is there a layout?
  • Placement of fill cards.
  • Food Styling.
  • Special Styling Tricks.
  • Communication with Cook, with Stylist, with both.
  • What Props are Needed.
  • Is less more?
  • Is more….less?
  • Time…how long will it take to photograph.
  • Backup plan?
  • Etc…
  • The list seems endless.

Practice, and, the Devil really is in the Details!