Day: April 5, 2018

ALWAYS Stuck at 1,600 Subscribers — Am I Stuck in a Twilight Zone Episode?

ALWAYS Stuck at 1,600 Subscribers — Am I Stuck in a Twilight Zone Episode?

I am really at odds with the mysterious process of wordpress’s subscribers’s database, IN WHICH, everytime I FINALLY REACH 1,600 subscribers (by email), MAGICALLY, a couple, or a handful of subscribers, unsubscribe…LIKE, WTF!!!!

This has been going on for months.


Is wordpress just f’ing with me?

Is this some sort of game their AI is playing with me?

OR, am I really that much of a dislikeable, unskilled, charlatan, and my Photography Blog(s) are like Cryptonite to people who land on my blog post pages?

Honestly, I have no idea, but it is getting a little bit tiring that every time I seem to make some headway with subscribers, some necromancer-magic ensues, and my subscribers disappear into nothingness.

Maybe after being a Photographist, of one kind or another, for 41 years, I really don’t have any clue about how to make an interesting compostion…aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………….that must be it.

Title: “Glass Portrait on Abstract Expressionism Painting, a Painted and Photographic Still Life”.

New Edit: Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved

Penang, Malaysia


“Aye pheobos apollo, wherefore doth thee not just shooteth me down with thy silv’r boweth and arrows. I wilt neith’r beest authentic, n’r tallent’d because i turneth so many hence from me.”


Why would anyone waste time unsubscribing from blogs?

I don’t know about any of you, but I DON’T go out of my way to unsubscribe anyone…there is no point. I subscribe to people who I thought I would find interesting. EVEN IF I DON’T normally visit many of my subscribing blogs, I may sometimes find interesting posts from ANY of my fellow Bloggers–THUS, I keep my subscriptions and don’t normally waste time going thru my many blog subscriptions with the sole purpose of unsubscribing.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SCANOGRAPHY Wild Grasses, v3, Edit D – April 2018 by Nawfal Johnson


Title: Wild Grasses, v3, Edit D – April 2018

Creation Date: 5 April 2018.

Series:Photographic Scanography

Series Date: Originals around 2003.
Series Date Recent Edits: 2018.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved
Penang, Malaysia

No Unauthorized Use!


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Photographic Scanography Series Description


The images in this series are new edits of original images created several years ago.
The original photographic scanography was designed using an Epson Perfection 1640SU flatbed scanner.

Various artificial lighting effects were needed to make photographs from my flatbed scanner — leave it to say, Scanography is a very difficult and challenging sub-genre of Photography: Photography being the process of Painting with Light.

This Scanography is a type of Photography that requires having technical skills, having the foresight of being able to use unusual lighting setups without first seeing results, and having lots of patience.

There are only a few images in this series, and that is primarily due to the fact that my flatbed scanner had a catastrophic failure, and I never replaced it to continue these photographic artworks.

The original scanned images were designed around 2003, or, maybe 2004—I don’t quite remember now. The images in this series are new edits of the original photographs.

I was not influenced by anyone to work on this project—It came about because I asked myself, “What kind of photographic results could I achieve by making photographs using my flatbed scanner?” That was it! Having asked the question, I needed to go further and discover new ways to create still-life photography.

It is good that I had created this curiosity in myself….the next obvious step was experimenting with the scanner, and making different lighting configurations, and finding suitable subjects that could make interesting images from a Scanner-Camera.

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