If you want a massive photography challenge, then attempt capturing bats in flight, taken in the black of night.

The following is my first ever capture of a bat in flight, and as an added bonus, a Gecko lizard wanted to get into the photo to add extra interest. I am a little freaked out about the white bat eyes…is that like the “red-eye” effect in humans and other mammals when taking direct flash photography? I’m not sure, but maybe it is.

BAT and Gecko

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved


Bats are fast—REALLY FAST!

To take this, I set my Shutter Speed to the quickest possible to still use with synchronized flash: 1/200th sec. I needed a medium Aperture setting to get a medium depth-of-field (maybe around f.13) to capture my “targets” in relative focus. Objects a few inches in front and behind my prearranged, manual focal point, were in pretty good focus. The Internal Flash was set at +2.0 increased power.

Then….Wait….wait for any bats to enter the frame of the camera’s viewfinder. They are so fast, however, YOU NEED TO START SENDING THOUGHTS OF PUSHING THE BUTTON BEFORE THE BATS ENTER THE VIEWFINDER to HOPE to capture the bats in a photo before they leave the frame!

“Click! Drats! Click! Damn! Click! F!”

“Would you slow down already. Can’t you bats see I’m attempting to take your pictures!”

They failed to slow down. After about five, 10, maybe 15 shots, this was the best I could get.

I thought it was a good exercise. If nothing else, it was good practice using mostly manual settings, and shooting in the dark.

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