Day: April 15, 2018

Confidence and Being a Photo Stock Library Photographer

How to Keep My Confidence Level at Least Above the 50% Line, is actually a “Little Bit” Difficult for Me, when considering my Escapades in the Realms of Stock Photography.

I never considered my style of Photography, as very Stock Photography suitable.

However, I am a Photographer for a reputable Rights’ Managed, International Stock Library…no need to mention the name. I really respect their business model because they fight to get proper fees for Photographers for Rights’ Managed imagery.

Nonetheless, because my photographic style is “quite abstract”, many of my image submissions are rejected. I had calculated at one time, that about 80% of my photo submissions were rejected—I’m not sure of the reasons, but it would be for either content, or quality issues with the images…or both.

I think that the picky Library policy is good…it is fine…the Library can keep their photo collections at a high level if they are picky about what they accept.

I must consider one thing, my image rejection percentage does absolutely nothing for my Confidence Level, in fact, being who I am, I would say that my Confidence goes down.

And worse yet, I would calculate that my more recent statistics would place me more into the 95% rejection level. And that, my friends does absolutely NOTHING to help my Confidence regarding my work, or my desire to do “Photo-Library” intended work.

It is very troubling for me to feel like all my efforts are wasted, when considering the time it takes to photograph, create, edit, and submit my images to the Library, when there is a 95% chance of rejection. It is kind of like getting slapped in the face every time you do a certain thing, but you do it again anyway, because you think you may get lucky and be accepted…but, in the end you get slapped in the face once again. BUT YOU TRY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN and … AGAIN, and most of the time you end up with one side of your face, or the other, stinging, and apparently, not learning from some mystical lesson that never quite reveals itself to you.

Wow! So what to do?

How the Fúçķ would I know — I’m the guy who keeps repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. Isn’t that the definition of being a “Crazoid“?

I hope I am not a Crazoid, just because I am being persistent!

So…Oh well, I will continue to submit new photographs to my Stock Library, even though I know that my style may not be “Hip”, or “Cool” Enough, or fit the standard Stock Library cookie cutter shapes and sizes.


Maybe I just suck as a Photographer! I’m still thinking that I may be trapped in some hell-dimension, AI Matrix, or something to that effect.

All I know for sure is that personally, my photo rejection level does completely nothing to help my Confidence Level as a Stock Photography Contributor.

Maybe all of this rejection is supposed to be good for me, LMAOBT! If so, then someone please impart some wisdom to me.

Yeah….so honestly, I don’t think my Photo Stock Library, Photographer, Confidence Level, will be over the 50% line….hardly ever. I don’t like to have false promises, and then, to have them crash all around me. I’m more of a realist, and I see how things are, how the world (of Photography) works, and so I may just need to learn to live with the difficulties of being a Photographer for a Stock Library: I am NOT happy with so much rejection in my life, but that is the reality I face.

☆ Here’s a video showing some of my rejected images.

☆☆[ Please keep in mind that the photographs in this video are low-resolution, cropped screenshots, so DO NOT IMMEDIATELY come to the conclusion that, “Yeah, this guy really does suck as a Photographer — No wonder most of his photographs are rejects — What a Total Buffoon!”