Day: April 22, 2018


Despair, Emotional Trauma, Lesson Received!


You f’ing idiot!

Make a backup of your entire SD card inside your phone or tab, EVERY NIGHT!

So, you may have found out that I’m not good or happy today…endure adversity!

Yeah, f’that!

Enduring adversity is not going to magically make about 7GB of photos, audios, videos, and documents come back into existence. Why the Fúçķ did I not backup my entire SD card to an external HD?!? There’s no need to think about it…fairy dust isn’t going to get my digital files to magically materialise.

The Lesson

EVERY NIGHT BACK-UP YOUR SD CARD THAT IS IN YOUR TAB OR PHONE. Shit Happens, and it happens more so for some of us, than others. So IF your phone miraculously self-melts-down your SD card files, and they completely disappeared, and NO app to reconstruct your SD file system, works, and your only option is to format your SD card, then YOU BETTER F’ING HOPE YOU MADE A BACK-UP, OR BETTER YET, REDUNDANT BACK-UPS!!! SO WHAT, if it takes some time, it will be worth it, especially when you least expect a file system crash, and you’re standing there and pulling out your hair by the handfuls!

What a mess!

I can’t even remember all of the important things on my SD card…but there was, and now, it is all gone.

I know I uploaded some of my latest art photographs to my cloud storage, but not everything.

I had new photographs to work with, and no backups of them, so they are TOTALLY lost. Some of my newest photographs are still on my camera, as NEF files; however, I will need to process all of those NEF files again—that will be a necessary, but waste of time. It is a waste because the files were already processed that way I wanted them processed—now I need to do a rerun.

So in the End…

I DON’T see any good in this episode of this new disaster in my life. Of course, I’ll have to “endure this adversity” but there is NO good that has come out of this. The self-help gurus who preach their lessons of self-improvement, may say, “Oh no, this is actually a good thing, you will grow with understanding and self-awareness and you have learned an important lesson“.

I say: “Holy F! How the hell could I have been so f’ing stupid to not redundantly back-up my SD Card! Why oh why do you do such imbecilic bullshit that causes pain and agony? I need some painkillers….my head is f’ing killing me, and now, I have to reconstruct as much as I can, of my SD card, but most of my most important files are fairy dust now, and flying out into the ether of the digital universe, or Matrix…. Oh Crap!!!”

The End…