Day: April 24, 2018

Flickr has sold-out to SmugMug?

So, Yahoo is hemorrhaging out its photo franchise to SmugMug….Joy.

Back in the Day…Flickr was cool. I even had a paid membership long ago. I even founded a Flickr Group, called NEBRASKA PHOTOGRAPHERS GROUP, and I still manage it, and I add new members when necessary, but I hardly ever add photos to Flickr, and I only add new photos to my group IF, I add photos to Flickr.

Flickr’s one great benefit was the one terabyte storage for free!

SmugMug has been around forever, too. However, there must have been very good reasons for me NEVER TO HAVE CONSIDERED SmugMug, for anything….ever!

The Affect on Flickr Users?

Thus, how will this affect us Flickr users? Will our groups remain intact? Will our follower base remain? Will our Collections remain? Will Flickr, as SmugMug, remain free? Will Flickr users still have one terabyte of space?

At this point…I don’t know. I DON’T have the energy right now to read a lot of convoluted legalese. It is on my To’Do List.

Smug, and, Mug?

I’ve ALWAYS hated the term, “SmugMug”. To me, that brings back too many visions, of the faces of, total jackasses who are arrogant pricks. So, when I hear the the words, smug and mug, together, I think of total jackasses and arrogant pricks. Maybe that is the reason I was never fond of that online photo sharing option.

I suppose I will read up on this “wonderful” merger, and if I see anything ridiculous about it, I will let you know.

Flickr users do have the option to download their photo files, and then delete their accounts, but I’m sure there is a deadline for that.


Good luck. Choose wisely.