Day: April 25, 2018

Part 2, Flickr under SmugMug, some “interesting” terms.

I mentioned in my previous post, on Flickr Users now having to exist under the rules of SmugMug, or you can also choose to delete your account (before a certain date)….soon.

Here is the text from an email from Flickr, regarding dates by which Flickr users need to download their files if they wish to delete their accounts:

We think you are going to love Flickr under SmugMug ownership, but you can choose to not have your Flickr account and data transferred to SmugMug until May 25, 2018. If you want to keep your Flickr account and data from being transferred, you must go to your Flickr account to download the photos and videos you want to keep, then delete your account from your “Account Settings” by May 25, 2018.

I just wanted to point out any interesting changes that I see in the Terms and Conditions.

Please Note: I’m neither a legal expert, nor an expert of the Previous / old Flickr Terms & Conditions, so perhaps there isn’t much of a change in the way you can use Flickr/FlickrSmugMug, now. In other words, do your own due diligence and DON’T take my word for any of this. If you are a Flickr user and are concerned about your membership, please seek out knowledgeable experts on Contracts and Terms and Conditions legal…..stuff, or whatever you call this type of agreement between you, the Photographer, and some giant corporation.

⊙ But, I wanted to note two subsections under Section B, of the new FlickrSmugMug Terms & Conditions, which may, or may not, help me decide to delete my Flickr account, soon.

Here are a couple of things I knew as facts about Flickr, and its usage, for as many, many years that I have been a member there.

1) You could either be a Free Member and have 1 Terabyte Storage for life (basically), and NOT HAVE TO GIVE THE COMPANY ANY PAYMENT OPTION DETAILS! (i.e. You did NOT have to give Flickr any Visa, MC, or PayPal information.) You could just use the Flickr services for Free as long as you abide by the rules.


2) You could pay for a “Pro membership” and get better stuff. I have no idea if you signed up as a Pro Flickr member, if in the Terms, it previously said anything about Automatically Renewing memberships: For example, the Company would automatically try to receive payment from your payment source—I don’t know IF that was the case with, let’s call it, “Old Flickr”.

I think that long ago, when I had a Pro Membership at Old Flickr, if you did not want to renew your Pro account, it simply expired and you were demoted to Free membership…but I can’t guarantee that was exactly how it worked in the old days of Flickr.

However, now, it appears that memberships with the new FlickrSmugMug have changed at least a little bit, if I am reading subsections 2 and 3 of Part B, properly. You interpret it for yourselves.

That last sentence under 2 is very vague, “Flickr may offer you the ability to register for a Subscription directly without the need to participate in a Free Trial.” It sounds like you may be able to purchase a “Pro” subscription without taking advantage of the Free trial period, but it is up to FlickrSmugMug’s discretion.

“2. Free Trials

When you first register for the Flickr Pro Services, Flickr may offer you the ability to use the Flickr Pro Services without charge for a limited trial period (a “Free Trial”). The duration of a Free Trial will be the number of days specified by Flickr at the time of your registration for such Free Trial. You need to provide Flickr (or our applicable third party payment processor) with valid Payment Information and select a Subscription Plan in order to register for a Free Trial. At the conclusion of your Free Trial, you will be charged for the Subscription Fee applicable to your selected Subscription Plan unless you elect to cancel your Flickr Pro Services account prior to the expiration of your Free Trial. Flickr may offer you the ability to register for a Subscription directly without the need to participate in a Free Trial.

3. Subscription Plans

Flickr offers a variety of Subscription Plans designed to reflect the diverse needs of our users, each with its own features, descriptions, functionality and terms with respect to the use of the Services. A description of each Subscription Plan that is currently offered by Flickr is available at By purchasing a Subscription, (i) you agree to pay all applicable Subscription Fees and other charges in accordance with your selected Subscription Plan, pursuant to the renewal and termination provisions described below (including any applicable taxes, such as sales tax), and (ii) you agree that you are only entitled to the features and services applicable to the Subscription Plan that you select at the time you purchase a Subscription.

The Flickr Pro Services are intended to be used by Flickr users for the distribution and sharing of photos and/or videos, as permitted under the user’s applicable Subscription Plan. Flickr, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate your use of the Flickr Pro Services if Flickr determines that you have violated these Flickr Pro Services Terms or the Terms of Use.”

☆ At , it looks like you can still have a completely Free account with the 1000GB of storage, and limited options, which seems not to have changed.

Is it worth it to have a “Pro” membership under the new FlickrSmugMug relationship? I don’t know. I didn’t think it was necessary under the “Old Flickr” company, so I probably won’t miss having a “Pro” membership under the new FlickrSmugMug connection. However, it all depends on your personal Internet Photography, business/hobby storage, display, sharing needs. It could be right for you. Nevertheless, read the Terms and Conditions carefully before committing to any online photography photo storage/exhibition/sharing, platform.

Could I recommend any other online Photo Sharing sites?

I’m not that enthusiastic about any photo sharing sites, really. The good thing about Flickr is / was the ginormous amount of space (one terabyte) and the ability to retrieve photo files easily. Other than that, EyeEm is a decent photo sharing and stock library option.

The problem with Stock Photography now, in my opinion, is that almost everyone-and-their-dog, is a Royalty Free Stock Photographer, and so there are probably 9,999,999,999,999 stock photos available online now (just a guess), and it is damned hard to get your small batch (100, 200, 500, 1,000, etc.) of photos seen by buyers, and sold (at a worthy price).

I mainly just like WordPress Blogging, and exhibiting my work on my blogs.

The End!