Day: May 18, 2018

I am Quite Certain that I am Stuck in the “WordPress Sine-Wave-Like Subscribe-Unsubscribe Do-Until-Loop”!

Yes, there is no doubt about it anymore, folks—I am quite certain, without a doubt, that I have mysteriously gotten myself stuck in some sort of WordPress-Hell-Dimension, better known as the “WordPress Sine-Wave-Like Subscribe-Unsubscribe Do-Until-Loop”.

Why do I suspect such a thing?


Anyone here, among the few, but the loyal readers of my ever-looping sine-wave-like blog subscription, blog, who does not know what a “Do-Until-Loop” is?

It is an old computer programming term. Anyway, if not, here is the definition, but translate that into the “Do-Loop” taking control of my Realty-Matrix-Like existence.

A high-level programming language structure that repeats instructions based on the results of a comparison. In a DO WHILE loop, the instructions within the loop are performed if the comparison is true. In a DO UNTIL loop, the instructions are bypassed if the comparison is true.

Source :

And, what is my “Do-Loop”, or, my “Do-Until Loop”?

The problem is that Bumstead (“Bumstead” refers to me for this post) is always just under, or just over, 1600 subscribers: When Bumstead gets 1600 Followers, here is the natural course of things:

⊙ DO Add One to the count of Subscribers UNTIL the Count is Equal To 1607, and then, when the Count Equals 1607, DO Subtract One from the Subscribers UNTIL the Subscribers Equals 1595, and then, DO Add One to the Subscribers UNTIL Subscribers Equal 1607, and then,…

And…Ad Infinitum…

Or, Until Bumstead goes Crazy-ape-Bonkers, and simply stops blogging and caring about such things.

Is 1600 one of those Satanic Illuminati Numbers?

I don’t think 1600 is a “Dark Forces” number. However, maybe it is my “Dark Forces” number.

I don’t think that my 1600, give or take 5 or 7 subscribers, are conspiring against me….Or, are they? Hummmmmmm…

Maybe they all communicate and keep tabs on my Subscriptions Number, and when they see my number goes down to 1595, they communicate with the group, and those who unsubscribed recently, re-subscribe to get my numbers just over 1600. When they notice my number of subscribers hitting 1607, they quickly communicate with each other, and some 7, or 12 subscribers slowly unsubscribe to gradually get my subscribers’ number down below 1600 again.

Could be…


Is my Photography and Art Blog so Damned Excruciatingly Horrifically Terrible, that people would actually make it a point AND spend valuable time to unsubscribe? SERIOUSLY….IS IT!?!

For me, if I subscribe to blogs that I actually don’t visit, I just let it be. I don’t waste my time keeping track of blogs I DON’T visit—I keep track of the blogs I want to visit on a regular basis. It hurts me not, to continue subscribing to blogs I don’t visit…I don’t intentionally unsubscribe to blogs unless if the blog suddenly publishes hurtful, harmful, or morally reprehensible content.


I do not publish hurtful content.

I do not publish harmful content.

I do not publish morally reprehensible content.


Does my Photography and Artwork have the same repulsive power that Garlic has against Vampires?

Holy Bajeezers! I hope my Photography and Artwork are not like Garlic.


IF, and that is an unknown “IF”, everything is running normal and I am relatively productive and publishing blogs every week, and that is something that I do. And, IF I attempt to publish my best and most interesting works, and if my artworks and photographs are not like Cryptonite to the eyes of other bloggers, and, IF randomly other WordPress bloggers visit my site, as well as, my regular subscribers, THEN, NORMALLY, I THINK THAT OVER TIME, IF ALL OF THOSE JUST MENTIONED CONDITIONS ARE ACHIEVED, AND I ALSO VISIT OTHER PEOPLE’S BLOGS, AND INTERACT IN SOME WAY, THEN, one should expect a normal increase of subscribers over time.

I DO NOT THINK that my Sine-Wave like Subscribers’ trend over the last year or more, is normal. I think it is in fact, abnormal. In fact, it makes no bloody sense at all!

If people really want to unsubscribe from my blog for no apparent reasons, then it is simply Tough-Cookies for me. If my blog is so horrible, however, then why did you sign up in the first place? Think about that.

I have continually tried to improve my content, both in my exhibiting of my Photography and Artwork, and, in writing informative posts to teach specific lessons about photography. Occasionally, I stray off the Photography and Artwork tracks, and discuss about my incurable diseases, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, and Ménière’s Disease. These health conditions are part of me and I discuss how they affect my general life and my artistic life, so these topics are not very off-topic after all. I also discuss my Genealogy occasionally, because it is of interest to me, and it is also part of who I am, so I feel like it is an interesting subject to research and write about. Nonetheless, probably 90% of my blog posts are art and photography related.


Why are any of the topics I write about offensive enough, or so incredibly boring, to make anyone want to purposefully unsubscribe from my blog?!?

I have no clue, and no answer to that question. I cannot fathom any good reasons to unsubscribe from blogs unless if they do any of the three things I mentioned previously: publishing hurtful, harmful, or immoral content.

Maybe it is a conspiracy—Stranger things can happen, although, it is improbable.

☆ That being the case, when all logical things have been reduced and discarded, then the TOTALLY Ridiculous must be the answer: I MUST BE STUCK in the WordPress Sine-Wave-like, Subscribe-Unsubscribe Do-Until-Loop! That is the answer, it must be! Or…maybe not.



Within the time it took to write, edit, and publish this blog post, I LOST ONE MORE SUBSCRIBER!


This is unfrackingbeliveable!

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