Day: August 10, 2018

MASTEMA, Edit C, Fire Portraits by Nawfal Johnson

“MASTEMA, Edit C.”

Creation Date: 10 August 2018.


Series Years: 2016 to 2018. (Ongoing).
Medium: Fire, Smoke.
Mode of Design: Photography.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson


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Influences for this Series:

The novel, “To Reign in Hell”, by Steven Brust.

Representative Expression:

“The images that emerge from my Smoke-Art and Fire-Art photographs, through my design techniques, tend to be malevolent-looking portraits of what I interpret as Fallen Angels, Demons, and Dangerous Creatures. It isn’t that I know immediately what portrait will reveal itself to me as I work, but usually, a face of some creature eventually shows itself. Because of the abstract and interpretive nature of these art pieces, I realize that other viewers may see different content within, other creatures perhaps, and still, some may not fully realize any such creatures in the art photographs.”


What is “Mastema”?

The “Mastema” is from ancient non-Biblical texts, such as the Book of Jubilees. It refers to Satan.

The name Mastema is probable derived from the Hebrew, “Mastim”, the Hiphil participle of “Satam”, and it means ‘one who is adverse’ or ‘inimical.’ The word is equivalent to Satan (adversary). The term is sometimes used in the plural, which indicates that there was a class of ‘the Mastema’ as well as one prince, Mastema. This is similar to the chief Satan and his class of Satans (see 1 Enoch 40:7).



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