Title: “BLEED, v2”.

Creation Date: 29 August 2018.

Series: “Disorderly Order”.

Series Years: 2016-2018.

Genre : Abstract Expressionism Photography.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson.

All Rights Reserved.

Penang, Malaysia.


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Series Description:
These artworks are photo-creations from Nawfal Johnson’s original paintings, smoke photography, and also, image creations from photographs captured of decaying urban walls. “Disorderly-Order“, the name of this series, has two distinct meanings. One, there is a method (Order) to the madness (Disorder) in the execution of these artworks. Two, the artist is taking a “more orderly” painting, or a fragment of an urban wall (photographed), or smoke-art photographs, and then turning it up-side-down, and inside-out, to get to the final photographic art representation. The disorderly characteristics from within the work are equal to the orderly nature of the design, for which the works are designed. The Photographist is working from that natural law of nature, which states that “No new matter is created in the Universe.” Thus, these are ‘two-steps’ artwork creations—The first-step is creating a painting (or photographing an urban still-life of a decaying wall, or capturing a smoke still-life); and then, the second-step is taking the original creation and designing a final art photograph using the “matter”, or contents, of the original photographs.

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