Abstract Fire #1, on 12 November 18

Title: “Abstract Fire #1, on 12 November 18”.

Series: Abstract Fire Photography.

Series Year: 2016-2018.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved

Penang, Malaysia

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Imagekind Photo #: 2,436

AbstractExpressionism, archangels, belial, brust, dark, ethereal, fine-art, fire, firstborns, flames, gold, good-evil, heat, heaven-hell, hell, hot, illuminati, johnson, Lucifer, Masonic-Art, Mephistopheles, mirrored, morningstar, Nawfal, one, photography, portraits, portraiture, reign, Satan, smirking, steven, Fire-Abstract, ELEMENTAL, Michael, Gabriel, RoundTable,

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