Das Feuer ist außer Kontrolle Abstract Fire Photography

Title: “Das Feuer ist außer Kontrolle.”

Creation Date : 23 November 18″.

(The blog title does not accept the special German character (ß), ‘the Sharp S’ sound, character. Instead, WP replaced it with ‘ss’, which I believe is wrong. WP did something ridiculous here….strange). There is nothing I know to do to fix this, my apologies to German speakers.

Series: Abstract Fire Photography.

Series Year: 2016-2018.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved
Penang, Malaysia


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Imagekind Photo #: 2,438

Artist’s Note: I do not speak German, so I depended on Collins Dictionary translator, and Google Translate, to get the closest in German, to what I wanted for the title: “The Fire is out of control.”

Why did I not use English for the title? Because I didn’t want to.

Personal Note: My Grandmother was German, and spoke German fluently. However, I think that many German immigrants living in America, from the early 1900s, did not want their children and grandchildren to speak German. The reason being, because of tensions with Germany, due to WWI and WWII. It was safer for Germans in America to blend into American society as seamlessly as possible. Nevertheless, she did speak and sing songs in German at home, and I remember that very well. I only wish I had paid more attention to her speaking German.


AbstractExpressionism, archangels, belial, brust, dark, ethereal, fine-art, fire, firstborns, flames, gold, good-evil, heat, heaven-hell, hell, Hillary-Satan, hot, illuminati, johnson, lucifer, Masonic-Art, mephistopheles, mirrored, morningstar, Nawfal, one, photography, portraits, portraiture, reign, satan, smirking, steven, Fire-Abstract, ELEMENTAL, feuer,

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