Day: February 14, 2019

12 Years Blogging

Yeah, I was trying to remember the other day, “How long have I been blogging?”

Well, WordPress supplied the answer today when they sent me the anniversary notification — 12 Years.

Okey Dokey.

If only they paid dividends to us content providers, as we are the only reason they are in business. But hey, that’s not how things work for us.

At least we have a place to publish our work, so there…………..

No, No Really, you are WAY TOO ABSTRACT for Us!

Well, there it is folks, I have another photograph in the GETTY IMAGES Collection! Amazing isn’t it.

My GettyImages Link:



I approached Getty Images and Corbis, and both told me that my photography was too ABSTRACT for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that some of my photographs are appreciated by Getty Images and that they have approved of them for their collection. That is great.

I guess at least some of their photo editors appreciate Abstract Photography now. That is commendable and good for me.

Nevertheless, for such a long time, Getty Images, Corbis, and others, would not touch my abstract work with a ten foot pole, but now the mood must have changed.

I’ve always been very abstract and that is me.

It is good that these Premiere Stock Photography Agencies are appreciating some abstract work now.

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