Day: February 24, 2019

END of the LINE – REVISITED, EDIT G by Nawfal Johnson

Title: “END of the LINE – REVISITED, EDIT G”.

Creation Date: 24 February 2019

Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.

Penang, Malaysia.


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I have over 85 Photography Series. I consider myself an Abstract Expressionism Photographist, and I have photographed in this style for 20 or more years. Believe it or not, up until just recently (mid-2018), I had not created an Abstract Expressionism Photography Series—In a way, that seems completely ludicrous to me!

Typically, all of my Abstract Expressionism photographic artworks have been designed for other photography series, so I guess I never thought there was a need for a photo series called, “Abstract Expressionism Photography”.

However, with my work titled, “Descent into Tartarus” (2018), I had no collections that were specifically appropriate for that artwork. And after searching my many series, I could not find one titled, Abstract Expressionism Photography! Therefore, that is how this series came into existence. It was a process of discovery: I discovered that I needed an “Abstract Expressionism Photography” series.

Anyone who follows my work will know that Jackson Pollock is my main artistic influence. Thus, my Abstract Expressionism Photography artworks are in the fashion of All-Over Painting, and my works are full of chaos, action, dynamic colours, and design.
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