So, what is one of the GREATEST GIFTS you can give yourself as a Photographer?

☆ No…it is not a new fancy expensive camera!

The “greatest” gift you can give yourself as a Photographer is actually FREE! YES, FREE! But, it is a bit difficult to use without the skills to use it.

☆ The Answer: The ability and skill to edit out, and trash, ALL of your Crap-Photos!”

Yes, you read correctly—Your Ability and Willingness to Trash Your Sucky Photos is one of the best photography skills you should give to yourself (learn)!

You are doing yourselves a disservice if you do not learn and stick by this priceless skill of editing your photos like a beast! You will also be doing your part as a Green Photographer, by not polluting the overpopulated country known as InternetPhotoLand, with photo-garbage. Everyone should do their part, but so few seem responsible enough.

So, if you were hoping I was going to say, go out and gift yourself a new camera, no, that’s not the answer to horrible photography.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Learn to take good photographs with whatever equipment you have now. That means, learn the basics, train your eye to see more interesting subjects, learn to compose better in the frame, and learn about lighting.

2) When you are editing your images, be an Editing Beast! If the photo is not in-focus, not composed well, has HORRIBLE lighting, is BORING, and any other number of minus-qualities, then trash it and move along. Editing software can save some poor images, but it is better to start with a pretty good image to begin with, and then tweak it to your desired results.

There are simply too many bad and boring photos out there, so why settle by adding more to that depository. Instead, be a better Photographer….Take better photographs.

So there….

A few of my thoughts on a great gift to give yourself if you are a Photographer.

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